Star Wars: Rivals Cancelled Before It's Even Fully Released


Barely-released third person hero shooter Star Wars: Rivals has officially been scrapped. The game was on a limited test release in some territories, and was not fully available as yet. The game has been pulled from the Play Store and Apple's iOS App Store, and players who have already installed it can no longer make any in-app purchases. The game's service will continue to operate, including in regards to PVP content, until October 11. At that time, the game service will be fully stopped, and those who have installed the game will find that they can't get in to play it. As a side note, no in-app purchases that have been made so far will be refunded.

For those who may have missed the somewhat quiet mobile game entirely, it entered its limited release in July after being announced in January. It consisted of recreating epic rivalries and iconic battles from across the Star Wars universe, including the movies, books and video games, though fans of characters like Bastila Shan and Kyle Katarn would have been disappointed to know that anything not in the official Disney canon is not included. That canon only includes numbered Episode movies, currently running TV series, and the Clone Wars movie and animated series, along with adjacent media like the upcoming Thrawn novel from Timothy Zhan. In short, this severely limits the available character pool. Players form a team of three heroes from that limited pool and take each other on, or go head to head in some of the most iconic battles the series has to offer.

Star Wars: Rivals was akin to the older Star Wars: Battlefront games in some of its gameplay elements, and offered what seemed to be a winning premise. With the Play Store listing taken down and no official statement from Disney on the reason behind the decision, it's hard to ascertain exactly why the game met its demise. Star Wars fans wanting to game on their phones need not fret; Many good Star Wars game still dot the Play Store, including the entire Lego Star Wars series and the legendary Knights of the Old Republic role-playing game, though that entry's creator has ceased updating it and it may not work on some newer devices.

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