Snap Releases New Spectacles 2 Models Emulating Regular Glasses


Snap is looking to capitalize on the popularity of its updated Spectacles 2, launched back in April, with two new variants called Veronica and Nico. The latest camera-enabled wearables build on the original with changes that bring the devices more in line with designer eyewear while keeping all of the features users love. As the names imply, Veronica is tailored with a more feminine fashion sense in mind, while Nico is aimed at men. Both follow modern trends in the sunglasses fashion and feature large frames in a squared-off styling and polarized lenses. However, Snap isn't offering a lot of options in terms of colors and personalization with Veronica and Nico since each new style is only available in a black-on-black configuration. The new Spectacles 2 styles are now available at select retailers and online in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, and Italy.

Another aspect that is decidedly more 'designer' is in the pricing. Nico and Veronica are more expensive than their rounder and more obvious counterpart at $199 instead of the usual $150. That added cost doesn't just include the modern aesthetics though. The price also includes a semi-soft protective case in addition to the usual accessories. Meanwhile, buyers in the US will have the additional option to buy prescription polarized lenses thanks to a partnership between Snap Inc. and Lensabl. Doing so will bring the cost up significantly, with a base price of $389.99 including prescription lenses designed to work with the frames. But that does mean that they can be used by those who need corrective lenses rather than the wearables being limited to users that don't. Those are available in multifocal or single vision prescriptions and with either impact-resistant polycarbonate or high-index options.

Setting that aside, the new Spectacles styles work exactly like the prior Spectacles 2. That includes HD-quality only Snap transfers, videos are captured at 10-second or 30-second lengths, and photos can be captured too. Up to 150 videos or 3,000 photos can be stored on-device and roughly 70 videos or between 210 to 280 photos can be shot and transferred on a single charge. Those can be saved in a horizontal or square format as well as in a circular option and later this fall, the new designs will be capable of saving Snaps in a "Highlight Story" in Snapchat.

Snap Spectacles 2 Lensabl Prescription Spectacles 2

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