SmartThings Closing Its Online Store, Pushing Customers To Samsung's Website

Samsung SmartThings 6

In short: Samsung’s smart home brand, SmartThings, is closing up its online store. In doing so, it is urging customers to visit Samsung’s website to shop for SmartThings products as well as Works with SmartThings products. Now, Samsung had already been selling all the SmartThings products on its website, so it was a bit strange to duplicate the store onto a separate domain. But that is no longer the case. SmartThings is noting that you can still head to your local retailer to purchase its products as well. Which includes Best Buy, Amazon and many more.

Background: SmartThings’ website has been up and running for quite a few years now. It allows customers to not only shop for SmartThings products, but also find out what things work with SmartThings, and get help and so forth. Now that the shop is closing up, many customers will likely just head to Samsung’s website for finding products, and it would be smarter for SmartThings to move all of its content over to Samsung’s website as well. Making it a one-stop shop for its customers. SmartThings is Samsung’s smart home brand, which has all sorts of hubs, light switches, light bulbs, and much more, to make your smart home, smart.

The impact: This isn’t going to really change the way that customers shop for SmartThings products. As you’ll still be able to shop at Samsung for these products. It just gives customers one less place to shop for these products. Now you can still head over to Samsung.com and find a SmartThings hub to use in your home and start making your home a smart home. On Samsung’s website, there is a heading at the top for “Appliances & Smart Home” which is where you’ll find a link to the SmartThings section of products from Samsung.

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