Oculus Go Gains Access To More Than 800K VR Videos, Thanks To YouTube VR

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In short: Oculus announced today at its Oculus Connect event, that it is bringing even more content to the Oculus Go. This includes over 800,000 additional VR videos that users can watch and feel like they are right there in the action. This is all coming from YouTube VR being added to the platform. Oculus also announced that this fall, for the first time, NBA Games is going to come to Oculus Venues. Oculus is also offering up a pretty cool thing for those that do attend an NBA Game in Venue this season, by getting a NBA Jersey for your avatar in Venues, that will be available all season long. Oculus is also adding more ways to share VR with your friends. There’s already things like Virtual Virtual Reality, and Coaster Combat, but there are going to be more apps and games coming soon that you can share with your friends in Virtual Reality.

Background: Oculus Go launched back in May of this year. And the company has found that roughly 80-percent of those that bought an Oculus Go, did not own a Rift or a Gear VR beforehand, which means that the ecosystem is also growing with the Oculus Go. There are already thousands of apps and games available on the Oculus Go, with plenty more being added today. And with a starting price of $199, it’s one of the most affordable VR headsets that is currently available. While it’s more expensive than the Gear VR is, you don’t need to buy a Samsung phone to use it, making it available to more users.

Impact: Oculus is offering up a ton of more content and features for Oculus Go users, without forcing them to buy a new headset, or pay for the new content. That is a good thing, as users won’t need to worry about their Oculus Go headset being outdated, and no longer getting updates. But that’s to be expected, seeing as the Rift is still getting updates as well.