New Amazon Alexa Features Help You Keep Up With The NFL Season

Huawei Mate 9 Amazon Alexa 2 AH 1

In short: Amazon has just released a number of new features for Alexa, to help NFL fans keep up with what’s going on this season. Some of these features include Sports Update, which is a completely redesigned feature that has new and dynamic content allowing you to get a complete picture of your team. This will give you the usual scores and schedules, but also give you in-depth game recaps as well as checking the standings. There’s also Livestream Audio, which is exactly what it sounds like, allowing you to livestream the audio from NFL games – as well as college games. Alexa also has the ability to give you recaps of the game, so you can say “Alexa, give me a recap of the Lions/49ers game. There is plenty more features that Amazon has included with Alexa, and even more rolling out through the season. 

Background: Alexa has always been really good at providing details during the NFL season, whether that was a score, checking standings or something else, but now her feature-set is even broader, and allows you to keep up with all of your teams without having to open up an app and check for yourself. Of course, this is also likely being done because Amazon is going to be streaming a number of Thursday-night games this season, for Amazon Prime members. So marrying those games with Alexa is definitely a good thing for Amazon.

Impact: This is going to make it easier for NFL fans to keep up with different games, which is especially important, seeing as on Sundays, there are around 10 games going on at a time, and it’s hard to watch each game (not to mention the fact that some are blacked out in certain areas), and this way, users can still keep up with their favorite teams, players, and the league in general.