Monster Hunter Stories Hits Android Internationally


The first proper RPG experience set in the Monster Hunter universe has finally hit Android outside of Japan. The Japanese version of the Nintendo 3DS classic had been available in Japan since December of 2017. The game is now available for $19.99, a similar price to picking up a copy on 3DS, and boasts a number of features that those playing the game on Nintendo's handheld won't be able to enjoy. There is also a free version that goes up to an early point in the story as a demo of sorts. The game essentially blends Monster Hunter with Pokemon, and sees you taking your protagonist on a grand adventure wherein you'll tame monsters and ride them into battle, using their unique talents to your advantage as you take down larger creatures and bosses while unraveling a deep plotline.

The most prominent of these new features is enhanced graphics; everything has been upscaled beautifully from the measly native resolution of the 3DS to something more befitting modern mobile devices, which have screens these days that can go as high in resolution as 4K. The mobile version of the game also debuts an autosave feature that allows gamers to drop their quest, then pick it back up where they were at any time. Finally, the controls have gotten a full makeover for mobile, rather than simply slapping a 3DS button overlay on players' screens. There is online play, and it's worth noting that the paid and free versions of this game cannot play together.

Fans of the Monster Hunter franchise and fans of Japanese-style action RPGs or creature collectors, including the likes of Kingdom Hearts and Shin Megami Tensei, will find a lot to love in this mobile port of a beloved game. The price may be considered a bit steep for a mobile game, but this sort of pricing is far from unheard of, being somewhat common with mobile ports of newer games. That said, since there's a free version, if you're into RPGs in any regard or are just looking for something fresh and hardcore to play, there's no harm in giving this one a try, and you may well end up finding a new favorite.


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