Huawei Mate 20 Pro To Offer Smarter Photography With 'FusionMind'

Huawei P20 and Pro AH NS 03 cameras

In short: The Huawei Mate 20 lineup of Android flagships will likely debut a major improvement in the mobile photography department by combining the Chinese company’s artificial intelligence with the so-called “super pixels,” AndroidHeadlines has learned. The manufacturer plans to build on the Fusion Light solution introduced with the P20 Pro earlier this year by automating the decision on whether to create super pixels or not. The technology will be advertised as “FusionMind,” a term that Huawei already filed to protect as a trademark in Europe earlier this week, according to an application reviewed by AndroidHeadlines.

Background: While the P20 Pro did not pioneer the very concept of super pixels, sometimes referred to as “superpixels,” the company did take the idea to the next level by placing a 40-megapixel sensor on the back of the P20 Pro. Such a massive-resolution module allowed it to provide its users with a choice of taking an image suitable for large prints or a 10-megapixel photograph wherein every pixel is actually a combination of four pixels. The technology allowed it to deliver unprecedented low-light performance that has yet to be matched by another manufacturer. The same solution is now expected to launch as part of the Mate 20 Pro but is likely to be enhanced with an optional degree of automation, whereas the P20 Pro asked users to choose whether they want to set Fusion Light as their default photography option. The Mate 20 family is scheduled to be officially unveiled on October 16 at a launch event in London.

Impact: While Samsung is rumored to be brewing major imaging innovations for 2019, Huawei should retain this year’s mobile photography crown that it took with the P20 series. Between three cameras, new AI technologies, and improved low-light performance, the imaging experience provided by the Mate 20 Pro should be as good as they come, with Huawei being set to advertise it as one of the main selling points of the Android phablet.