How To Watch The 2018-19 NFL Football Season On Android


The 2018-19 NFL season gets started this week, and will last through January, with the season culminating in Atlanta at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on February 3, 2019 at Super Bowl 53. There are a lot of teams that want to make it to Atlanta for the Super Bowl this year, but only two will make it. There are going to be a lot of big games this season, and for cord cutters, it has never been easier to watch football this year. In addition to the options below, you can also watch games on ESPN, NBC, CBS All Access and Fox Sports apps, depending on the day of the week. Monday Night Games are available on the ESPN app, while Sunday night games are on the NBC Sports app, with Sunday afternoon games on either CBS of Fox's apps – depending on the conference hosting the game. And you can sign into these using any of the providers below, or your cable provider.

Amazon PrimeĀ 

Amazon has picked up some more Thursday night games this year, allowing its customers to watch the game for free on Amazon Prime. There will be 12 Thursday night games available on Amazon Prime, beginning on September 27th, with the Minnesota Vikings heading to Los Angeles to take on the Rams. Amazon Prime members can watch these games for free on their TV, smartphone or really any device using the Amazon Prime Video app. If you aren't a Prime member, you can sign up through the link below.

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DIRECTV NOW is one of the better options, as far as value goes, for watching the NFL this year. You can get around 65 channels for $40 per month. And that includes local channels like CBS and FOX (though you will want to check your area) as well as ESPN. DIRECTV NOW also offers rewind, so you can go back to the beginning of the game in case you missed the beginning.


Fubo TV


Fubo is a great option for those that love watching sports. It has just about every sport channel imaginable, including most of the local sports channels. So you'll never miss a game, whether that's a NFL game or something different. Fubo starts at $45 per month for 89 channels, which is a ton of channels, especially for that price. Fubo TV also offers a larger package for $5 more with about 16 more channels.

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Hulu TV

With Hulu TV, you only have one choice for a plan, which is actually a good thing. It does also have all of the sports channels you can imagine. This includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, Fox, CBS, NBC and much more. It's a good option for those that want to watch more than just football as well. Additionally, there is DVR support on Hulu TV.

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Sling TV

This is by far the cheapest option for those that are looking to watch sports and cut the cord. Sling TV has a plan starting at just $25, with is Sling Orange. That includes ESPN and other Disney channels. While Sling Blue has Fox and other channels for $25 a month as well. So if you want to watch every single NFL game this year, you'll want to get both, which are $40 when combined. Sling TV does also offer up the regional sports networks from Fox and NBC and have other packages you can add on.

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YouTube TV


YouTube TV also has all of the networks that are going to be broadcasting NFL games this year. It costs $40 per month and does sport all of the local channels in the markets it is available in. So you'll be able to watch your games on Fox, CBS, NBC and ESPN. There are also some other sports channels including FS1, FS2 as well as NBC Sports and the regional sports channels from NBC and Fox.

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Wrap Up

There are a ton of different ways to watch football this year, and fortunately, Verizon no longer has exclusive access for watching games on mobile. However not all networks and services have permission from the NFL to stream over mobile devices. So keep that in mind. The best option here, is likely going to be Fubo TV, even though is one of the more expensive options (not by much though), it does offer something for everyone.