Hisense Unveils New L8E & L10E Ultra-Premium Laser TV Products

Hisense logo 2018 AM AH 1

This week Hisense announced two new TV-related products at the CEDIA Expo in San Diego. These are the Hisense L8E and L10E Series Laser TVs which look to bridge the gap between a TV and a projector.

Of the two, the L10E 4K Ultra Short Throw Dual Color Laser TV Series is certainly the more premium option and one that is technically available in two different models. One which can project an image of 100-inches and one that can extend the image to 120-inches. Although either sized-option is capable of delivering 4K quality content, while also supporting High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut. In contrast, the L8E Series Ultra Short Throw Laser TV is not 4K supported and is only able to project an 88-inch display. One of the additional TV hybrid element comes through the inclusion of a built-in TV tuner on all three models. Therefore, each model will offer the ability for the user to access over-the-air (OTA) channels and content. This is, of course, in addition to also supporting smarter ways to consume content thanks to the Hisense Smart TV interface providing access to a number of streaming-based apps, with Hisense specifically drawing on the likes of Netflix, Vudu, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video as examples. Speaking of Amazon, the three models also come with Amazon Alexa support so users can make use of voice actions to control the content and settings. As part of the same announcement, Hisense confirmed it has partnered with Salamander Designs to offer “special cabinets” for the new models.

Hisense has yet to fully confirm full availability details other than stating the new models will become available to buy through “select high end” retailers, as well as through the company’s own website starting in the Fall. With the option to pre-order select models available to those who are currently attending CEDIA. Likewise, Hisense has not confirmed exact pricing as of yet, although does make the point prices for its Hisense Laser TVs in general (including already available models) start at $3,799.99. For reference, the company’s already available L8D model which also offers a 100-inch display and 4K support currently costs $8,999.99.