Here's All The Crazy New Products Announced At Amazon's Hardware Event

amazon echo clock

Amazon held an event today where it made a significant number of announcements. Some of these were on updates and upgrades to existing services and features, such as Alexa, while others were for new products. In fact, there was quite a few new products announced today and some of them were a little more novel than usual. To give you a taster, in addition to announcing a load of new audio-based products and a new Echo Show, Amazon also announced a new wall clock equipped with an Alexa, as well as an Alexa-enabled microwave. Highlighting that Amazon and its Alexa voice assistant is now branching out even further, and in to more unusual products in the home.

As there were so many new products and service announcements made today, it’s a little difficult to cover them all here in this one post. So you will find links for all of the major announcements below which provide more comprehensive coverage on each of the new arrivals. Likewise, it’s also a mixed bag when it comes to availability with Amazon simply stating some of these products will become available in the coming months, while confirming others are already up for pre-order on the company’s website.

To see a full list of everything announced today that you can also pre-order today, click here.


Echo and audio announcements

Amazon’s New Echo Input Brings Alexa To Existing Speakers

Amazon’s Echo Dot Gets Better Audio & New Look


Amazon Goes All-In On Audio With New Echo Link, Amp, & Sub

Amazon Adds Fabric Design To Echo Plus, Available Next Month

Amazon Bringing A Ton Of New Features To Alexa-Enabled Devices


Amazon Intros New Echo Show With Larger Screen & Better Speakers

Smart home announcements

Amazon Debuts Echo Wall Clock With Alexa Built-In


Amazon Intros New Alexa-Enabled Smart Microwave

Amazon Announces Alexa-Enabled Smart Plug For $25

Amazon Announces Revamped Ring Stick Up Cams, Pre-Orders Now Open


Other announcements

Amazon Brings Alexa On The Road With Echo Auto

Amazon’s Fire TV Recast Records Live TV, Streams To Other Devices