Google 'Pixel Stand' For Pixel 3 Flagships Leaks Again


An alleged press render depicting the wireless charger for the Pixel 3 series has just been leaked, offering a partial preview of the unit's design and functionality. The device seems to be designed to hold the Pixel 3 smartphones in an upright position while they recharge wirelessly, and according to previous reports, the accessory will hit the market as the "Pixelstand" or "Pixel Stand." In the leaked press render, the wireless charger is white and features an orange pad underneath the base, although more flavors – or at least a black variant – could also be made available to match the expected color schemes of the upcoming Android flagships.

The Pixel 3 series has been all but officially confirmed to benefit from wireless charging capabilities. Less than a week ago the existence of a wireless charger for the Pixel 3 lineup was data-mined from the latest version of the Google app, along with a stylized image that showcased a smartphone being sat upright on the pad while charging wirelessly. Now, the leaked press render offers a clearer picture of how the Pixel 3 series will be placed on the Pixelstand, but as yet it's unclear whether the charger will have only one fixed upright position or if the resting pad could be folded horizontally. Whatever the case may be, an upright position would allow users to interact with their smartphones and Google's AI assistant more easily while the units are being recharged. Finally, the leaked press render suggests that the Pixelstand will be powered through a USB Type-C connector hidden within the base and accessible by turning the charging pad over.

Wireless charging capabilities haven't been included in Google's previous Pixel smartphone series at all, and the functionality is now expected to make a comeback after several years of missing from the tech giant's smartphone lineups. Specifically, three smartphones from Google's previous Nexus series offered Qi wireless charging out of the box, namely the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Nexus 6, but the technology was no longer included with the Nexus 5X and later models. The Google Pixel 3 duo is expected to be officially unveiled in mid-October in New York, and it's likely that the company will have more details to share about the Pixelstand on the same day.


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