Google Pixel 3 XL's Live Wallpapers Leak Ahead Of Launch


With the upcoming launch of the Pixel 3 XL, Google seems to want and continue the tradition of enriching the user experience with a series of wallpapers exclusive to the device, and a handful of screenshots showcasing some of these wallpapers have been shared recently by Twitter user @IshanAgarwal24. The gallery contains a total of twenty-seven images for wallpapers split into two main categories named "Come Alive" and "Living Universe." Each of these wallpapers seems to be dynamic and reacts in one form or another depending on various factors such as the time of day, gestures, and music playback.

In the Come Alive category, there are five main wallpapers called Bubble Up, Groove, Bloom, Burst, and Pixie, with each one of these images being showcased in three different forms. Groove, for instance, appears to be tied in with music playback has three different stages called "Chill," "Party" and "After Dark" whereas Bloom takes the forms of "Sunrise," "Cloud" and "Sky" indicating that this particular wallpaper reacts and changes according to the local weather. Refer to the image gallery below for a closer look at these Come Alive dynamic wallpapers and how they can morph at different stages. As for Living Universe, this live wallpaper category seems to have been expanded to include more geographical locations including a Bird's-Eye View of the Zion National Park, and the White Sands of the Sonoran Desert. Apparently, Pixel 3 XL users will also be able to choose between at least three Living Universe wallpapers depicting celestial objects including Earth, i.e., "Marvelous Marble" as well as its beloved natural satellite the Moon, and the dwarf planet Pluto which is referred to as "New Horizons" – a moniker that would arguably be more fitting for the planet Mars since humanity, or at least organizations like Space-X and Mars One, are looking to colonize the Red Planet over the coming decades.

Finally, the Living Universe category seems to contain a couple of grayscale 3D renders called "City Silhouettes" for locations like New York and San Francisco. They lack in detail and it's likely that these wallpapers will put a greater emphasis on dynamic movements synced up with the phone's accelerometers. There may be more wallpapers coming alongside the Pixel 3 XL, either at launch or following the smartphone's release, but they will most likely remain exclusive to Google's latest smartphone models. The Pixel 3 series is expected to be showcased during the upcoming Made By Google event scheduled to take place on October 9 in New York.


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