Google Pixel 3 Shows Up In Apparent Official Renders

By Daniel Golightly September 24, 2018, 2:05pm
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In short: Google's upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have cropped up in some newly leaked images obtained by WinFuture. In what appears to be a series of near-final press renders, the larger Pixel 3 XL is shown with a white or black configuration with a deep notch spanning nearly a third of the screen below the narrow top bezel. The smaller Google Pixel 3, on the other hand, lacks the notch but has a much bigger top screen surround and also appears available in both colors - if the images are anything to go by. Both are shown with two forward-facing bar speakers in the handsets' upper and lower bezel.

Background: Of course, this is not the first time images of either Pixel device have been outed and the design of the handsets doesn't necessarily stray from previous leaks. The white variation, for example, still clearly has a mint green power button on the right-hand edge, coupled with a white volume rocker. At the back, the white is two-toned with a rounded color separation between gloss and more pearlescent color separating the central fingerprint scanner from the single rear-facing camera. For the black Pixel 3 XL, that's a glossy and matte black instead of white. Meanwhile, the Google Pixel 3 has the same coloration but no notch at the front to house the top forward-facing speaker and suspected dual 8-megapixel snapper and sensors. Smartphones generally continue to be leaked once the unintended flow of information and images begins, so this won't likely be the last pictures to leak showing these two handsets in the leadup to Google's October 9 hardware event.

Impact: In the meantime, images have reportedly leaked from a sales site in China as well. That could mean that Google will launch its phone in the region this year or those images may have been inaccurate. Quite a few purported specs have been revealed too, including expected pricing at around $650 and working up to over $1,000 depending on options chosen during the purchasing process. So, at this point, all these extra images mean is that there may really not be much left for Google to unveil once the hardware event does roll around.

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September 24, 2018, 2:05pm
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