Google Is Revising URL Address Changes Found In Chrome 69


In short: Google is temporarily taking back its decision to remove the "www" and "m" special-case subdomains from URL addresses shown in the Chrome, according to a statement from the project's developers spotted at the browser's bug tracking site. That's following a number of complaints about the change that primarily centered around safety. Specifically, many users worried that by removing those subdomains from view, malicious websites would be able to more easily present themselves as legitimate. Others argue that the change removes some of the clarity about a webpage that's often provided via extended URLs while others pointed out that the move appeared to go against common browser standards.

Background: The change in question effectively took a website URL such as '' and only showed users the '' portion. The same change was enacted for other special-case subdomains such as the "m" designation ordinarily used with mobile websites and some others. The changes were rolled out with Chrome 69, alongside a plethora of other changes, in a bid to simplify things for users, making it easier for them to see where they are on the web at a glance. The search giant also believes that simplification will actually make it easier for end users to see whether a website they are visiting is legitimate. Presumably, that's because users won't need to read through a long line of numbers or other domain-specific to see what website they are on. Moreover, it's intended to complement and work in conjunction with other features introduced with the update. For example, the new software removes green 'secured' messages from the Omnibox to reduce clutter and make red-colored warning messages more easy to spot. Working in tandem, those changes could feasibly make browsing safer without a cost to convenience.

Impact: There's not much detail for now with regard to what might be included in the changes when the feature is eventually reintroduced. Chromium Project representatives say in their statement that, for the time being, the plan is to only remove the "www" portion of URLs in Chrome 70. Additionally, the company says that its goal is not to change or revise the standards themselves at all. Instead, the company will be consulting with organizations responsible for setting the standards in question as well as taking user feedback on how the change should be implemented going forward.

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