Game-Related 'Magichestra' Trademarked By Samsung


In short: Samsung has recently filed a new trademark that seems to be intended for use alongside either its mobile Game Launcher or for new game software. Specifically, the company has trademarked the term 'Magichestra' with several world patent offices. That name doesn't necessarily give too much away but in each instance, the trademark is noted as applying to downloadable computer game software explicitly for use on a mobile or cell phone. It is also classified as being applicable to VR gaming software, or maintenance of a 'computer game.'

Background: Speculatively, the new trademark could apply to any number of new developments. The company has taken a deep interest in promoting digital gaming and bringing those games to its mobile platforms in the past. That includes its recent partnership with Epic Games which saw the popular shooter and building title Fortnite receive a timed exclusive on Galaxy handsets. However, it also includes Samsung's long-running Game Launcher, which is an all-in-one inclusive game center for the company's smartphones that can fine-tune various settings for individual Android games. So Magichestra could be intended as a rebranding for that tool or as a replacement. The term appears to be a combination of the words 'magic' and 'orchestra.' Looking past the unlikely possibility that Samsung is developing some sort of music-related game, it could be a reference to Samsung's orchestrating or arranging games or aspects of games. That would fit in neatly with Game Launcher and its typical use. Beyond that, the newly trademarked word could point to an entirely new feature for Samsung devices or to a new development platform for any of its mobile-associated platforms. The smartphone manufacturer is also rumored to be working on a dedicated gaming smartphone. So the announcement could be related to a feature found only in that handset as well.

Impact: The only real information currently available is the trademarked name, Magichestra, and its categorization as a word associated with gaming and mobile devices. So it's impossible to say with any certainty what that might be, or how the term Magichestra will be used. With the growth of AI, it isn't out of the question that Samsung plans to implement some 'magical' automation into its Game Launcher. The name Magichestra would seem to fit under those circumstances, at least as easily as any other.


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