Epic Games Launches Fortnite's "High Stakes" Mode Tomorrow


Fortnite is kept fresh through the introduction and shuttering of limited time game modes, and the latest of those is High Stakes, which will launch on September 5, 2018. The new mode sees squads getting together to crack open one of four safes hidden around the play area, then taking a jewel from that safe and conveying it to a getaway van. The limited mode comes with a single unisex outfit skin, being the white suit seen in the GIF below, as well as four different masks based on card faces. There's even a special glider that will drop a trail of dollar bills as you make your way to the ground. There is no word on how long the mode will last, so if you want to give it a try, boot up a game as soon as you can starting tomorrow.

In this quite literal get-rich-or-die-trying mode, players will drop onto the island as teams. There are four safes hidden in the play area, and all of the teams will be fighting to find one first. There's no word on how big the teams are and whether you can respawn, so your best bet will be to play carefully, lest you end up down a team member. There is also no word on exactly how carrying the gem will work, so it's quite possible that whoever picks it up could drop it right into enemy hands when they're killed. The first team to get a jewel from a safe and take it to their getaway van is the big winner.

Fortnite's previous limited time modes have included sniper rifles and even Marvel villain and universe destroyer Thanos. As the name implies, they're all around for a limited time, and they all have the goal of changing up how the game is played and giving players a break from the normal battle royale mode. Limited time modes are accessible to Android and iOS players, though with the limited beta still rolling out and not having hit all capable devices just yet, many mobile players will miss out unless they have a PC or game console handy to give the game a spin before their phone can.


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