Crazybaby Launches $159 Air 1s Hi-Fi True Wireless Earbuds


Audio company Crazybaby has now launched a new generation of its 'Air' series true wireless earbuds for sports dubbed the Crazybaby Air 1s. The new buds are priced near the middle of the overall spectrum for that category of listening devices at $159 suggested retail. Air 1s builds on its predecessor by adding 3D virtual surround sound for a more immersive experience as well as a deeper response to bass tones. Impedance is set at 16 ohms with a frequency response between 8Hz and 24kHz. The high-fidelity audio is pushed through a 5.2 mm drivers with a 998 carbon nanotube diaphragm and volume is rated at a sensitivity of 101dB SPL/1mW. What's more, although the same Bluetooth 4.2 found in the original devices is still the protocol in use, the company has optimized connectivity to ensure that the connection is stronger. A PIFA antenna, commonly used in smartphones, has been added too, to ensure the buds can operate entirely independently from one another. However, the single side button on either earbud operates different functions, either call controls or music playback, depending on the side used. So it's still probably not a good idea to lose one.

The weight of the Air 1s true wireless listening devices is set at just 4.5 grams per bud. The buds measure at just 25.6 x 12 x 17mm in terms of overall size. The overall weight of the portable cylindrical charging capsule is set at around 80 grams and measures 132.5 x 30mm. That provides a claimed 12 hours of use in total while the buds themselves offer around three hours of use per charge or four hours of talk time. USB-C is used to charge the capsule. The earbuds feature fast charging and an IPX6 rating as well. That allows up to 20-percent capacity gain from just five minutes of charging and protection from sweat or rain on the ruggedization side of things.

In addition to the above-mentioned new audio features, Crazybaby also says it has redesigned the new earbuds with a focus on reducing wind noise and to allow for at least some noise reduction. That won't necessarily be as effective as active noise reduction but, in addition to the buds' "drop-free" design, it should make working or working out with the earbuds much more enjoyable. The whole setup is available in either Star Gray or Space Silver and either is purchasable now at various online retailers or through Crazybaby's official web store.

Crazybaby Air 1S

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