Clash Royale Update Brings Trading, Goblin Giant & More


This month's big update for Clash Royale finally gives fans the ability to trade cards through a new mechanic involving Trade Tokens, and brings the mighty Goblin Giant into battle, among other new features. The new card is unlockable as of this writing, and manifests as a powerful and tanky goblin on the field with two Spear Goblins in his backpack that will keep fighting on their own after it dies. It's a 6-Elixir Epic card found in Jungle Arena. Trading, meanwhile, uses a token of the same rarity as the card you want to trade. You'll post a trade request in the chat, and when somebody takes that trade, the two parties' cards will swap instantly, and both cards will get a significant boost. Trades can be cancelled and relisted without losing your tokens, and the tokens don't expire.

While trading and the Goblin Giant are the biggest reveals, the update is substantial even without them due to the massive volume of fixes and creature comforts on board. For starters, you can now earn a War Bounty from Clan Wars, which can contain, among other things, Trade Tokens. You can also play Collection Day 2 on 2 battles with clanmates after running out of energy. Both modes now count toward your Crown Chest. As to balance, the speedy Bandit is still immune to damage while dashing, but will no longer shake lock-ons. Several other cards have smaller changes. There are tons of simple improvements in this update, such as simplified card levels and emotes in Clan Chat. Finally, the team has a new community manager on board by the name of Drew, also known asĀ "Dreeeeew!"

This month's update is massive, and with the balance changes, trading, and addition of the mighty Goblin Giant, can definitely be considered a game changer. Players should keep an ear to the ground for good trades, and watch the competitive scene closely for shifts in the meta focused around the new epic card. All facets of this update are now live, meaning players can start gathering Trade Tokens and gunning for the Goblin Giant right now. If you want even more detailed information about this month's changes to the popular mobile game, check out the video attached below.


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