Best New Android Apps From August 2018

AH Best new apps August 2018 1

August is behind us, and quite a few apps launched last month that are worth noting. We have hand-picked 10 applications that surfaced last month, though do keep in mind that some of them may have launched a bit sooner, as we were unable to pin down exact launch dates. One thing is for sure, though, the vast majority of these apps launched in August for sure, and all of them gained media exposure last month, for the first time. Having said that, there are all sorts of different apps listed down below, so read on if you’re interested, but keep in mind that these apps are listed in non-specific order.



The first app on the list is Inware, and even though this app still has the ‘Unreleased’ tag on it, it’s available in the Play Store if you’d like to try it out. This app will basically show you all the detail regarding your phone, including what CPU is fueling it, how much RAM does it have, it will show you camera details, display details, and so on. Inware comes with at on of info, and it’s free to use, just in case you need such an app.



Shorty is the second app on this list, and it comes with a rather interesting name and logo, actually. Regardless, this app is very useful, as it allows you to pin any file from your phone or URL link to your homescreen. There are actually three possible icon styles, depending on file type, including text (up to 10 characters), thumbnail, and preview (supported only for images at the moment). On top of everything, you can also choose icon background color and write a custom label if you want.


Navbar Weather

Navbar Weather app is actually self-explanatory, yes, it will show you weather status in your navigation bar, if you’re using one. This app will show you temperatures for the next five days in three-hour intervals, right on your navigation bar. This app also allows you to set an image instead of that, which will show you weather status for the next 12 hours. You’ll need to grant this app location access, so that it can pull up weather info, while there are all sorts of additional settings and weather information available in the app.




GRUBL is an all-new wallpaper app, to be more specific, this application offers hundreds of 3D and 4D animated live wallpapers. GRUBL includes all of VFX and pixel live wallpapers, while effect adjustments are also available. Other than the fact this app contains 3D and 4D wallpapers, it’s pretty similar to every other wallpaper app out there, as it comes with built-in search, and you can also browse wallpapers based on categories.

POCO Launcher


Xiaomi’s Poco F1 handset arrived with a customized version of MIUI, in other words, it comes with POCO Launcher on top of Android and MIUI, and that app is now available in the Play Store. POCO Launcher brings some customization to the table, and is available to Xiaomi’s handset which runs MIUI, though it’s possible to get it working on some other phones, it seems. All in all, this app is free in the Play Store, and it allows you to customize icons, while this launcher is extremely fast.


BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English app will allow you to keep your knowledge of the English language up to date. You can use this app to study grammar, improve your pronunciation, develop English skills in general, or perhaps learn some new phrases. New lessons are updated daily to the application, while this app also comes with notification support. There are various programmes available in this app that will help you learn English, such as ‘English at Work’ and ‘6 Minute English’, for example.

Notes: Write Any Ideas and Make Quick Notes

If you’re looking for a new note-taking application, Alcatel’s offering is now available in the Google Play Store. This app is simply called ‘Notes’ and it’s extremely simple, while it offers straightforward design as well… it actually reminds us of Google’s Keep app. You can jot down regular notes, voice memos, and so on… while a calendar is built into the app. You can set different colors to your notes, various note-sorting options are available, and so on.


GoDaddy is basically an idea-sharing platform, and an app for it is now available in the Play Store. You can use this app in order to share your business idea or a personal project, while you will get some personalized advice on how to grow your online business. You can use this app to find the right domain for your website, create your website, and monitor its performance. The app is free to use.


Some of you have probably heard of ‘Tasty’, a site which releases new recipes online all the time in a video format. Well, BuzzFeed has just released an app with the same name which will give you step-by-step instruction how to cook a specific meal, while this app comes with over 3,000 recipes for you to check out, and every single one of those recipes comes with instructions. There’s a ton of content available in this app, and it’s completely free to use.

Notes by Firefox

Notes by Firefox is the second note-taking app on this list, and this app comes from Mozilla, a company behind Firefox browser. This app is currently unreleased, which essentially means it’s not stable yet, but it’s available from the Play Store nonetheless. This app will sync your notes with Firefox, while the app is quite simple to use, and the design is eye-pleasing as well. The app doesn’t have a ton of features just yet, but Mozilla will probably keep adding new features from this point on.