Amazon's New Alexa Products Are Now Up For Pre-Order

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In short: Amazon announced a ton of new Alexa products today. From smart speakers to amps, to subs to smart plugs and everything in between. Basically anything you can think of, Amazon announced it today with either Alexa built-in or Alexa-compatible. There were 10 products announced today, and all of them are available for pre-order right now, except for Echo Auto, and the Echo Wall Clock. Echo Auto is going to be available as an invite-only thing at first, and then launch later on. The Echo Wall Clock doesn’t have a release date yet, so it is likely still under development. But everything else launches in October, with a couple launching in November.

Background: The Alexa ecosystem really grew today. Going from a few Echo speakers and a few smart displays in the Echo Show and Spot, to now having all sorts of speakers and subwoofers as well as some more Fire TV products. It was a pretty big day for Alexa users, and that shouldn’t be a surprise. Amazon’s next big area for growth is Alexa, and this is not only according to analysts, but also Amazon itself. It didn’t realize how big of a deal Alexa was going to be when it announced the Echo about four years ago. But it has blossomed into one of the most popular assistants around right now.

Impact: You can pre-order all of the products from today’s Amazon event using the links below. You’ll find prices as well as a short description of what each product is, in case you missed the coverage from earlier today. The Echo Dot is likely going to be one of the big sellers, and might even sell out before it actually launches. So you’ll want to grab that before it’s gone.


Amazon Echo Dot
Amazon Echo Dot - $49.99

The Echo Dot is still a hockey puck-sized speaker that everyone loves. It did get a few upgrades this time around, with it being 70-percent louder and also having better audio quality. It is also now wrapped in fabric, so it looks really nice. There is also four microphones here instead of the usual seven, but it should still work just fine.

Amazon Echo Plus
Amazon Echo Plus - $149

The Amazon Echo Plus also got a fabric upgrade, like the Echo Dot. Otherwise, you’re still getting some great sound out of this one. Which Amazon says you should hear deeper bass, with the mids and highs coming in even more crystal clear, which is good to hear. And it is also the same price, with Zigbee built-in.

Amazon Echo Input
Amazon Echo Input - $34.99

Amazon’s Echo Input is essentially their version of Chromecast Audio. It is an Echo without the speaker. What you will do with this is, plug it into your existing speaker, and then that speaker will have Alexa included. So if you have spent some good money on a really good speaker, but you want Alexa, this is the route to go.

Amazon Echo Sub - $129

The Amazon Echo Sub is essentially what you think it is, it’s a subwoofer that you can connect to one or two other Echo Plus smart speakers. It will output some crazy powerful bass, and really sound good for those times when you want to jam out at a party or something. And since this is all being done over WiFi, you won’t need to worry about the devices lagging behind each other.

Amazon Echo Link Amp
Amazon Echo Link Amp - $199+

The Echo Link and Link Amp essentially allow you to bring Alexa into your existing stereo system, if you’re one that really wants Alexa in your stereo. The Link is going to be priced at $199 and the Link Amp at $299. The only real difference is that the Link Amp actually has an amplifier included for giving you even more control over your audio. It will be available later this year.

Amazon Echo Show
Amazon Echo Show - $229

Amazon revamped its Echo Show this time around as well. Giving it a larger screen, and making it look a bit more modern. It actually looks a whole lot like the Google Home Hub that leaked out earlier this week. The Echo Show (second generation) still has all of the great features, including the ability to video call other people.

Amazon Fire TV Recast
Amazon Fire TV Recast - $229+

Amazon Fire TV Recast is basically a DVR built on Fire TV. So you can record your favorite shows and watch them later on. It’s a really simple idea here, and it’s going to be a big seller. However, it is limited to only recording shows that are over-the-air from an OTA antenna. It is available in 500GB and 1TB capacities as well.

Amazon Smart Plug
Amazon Smart Plug - $24.99

Amazon debuted its first smart plug. This doesn’t have Alexa built-in but it is Alexa compatible. So you can still use your voice to control this smart plug. It is also compatible with the Alexa app and routines, so you can set schedules for this smart plug.

AmazonBasics Microwave
AmazonBasics Microwave - $59.99

This microwave from AmazonBasics does actually have Amazon Alexa built-in. It’s going to allow you to ask Alexa things like how long does something need to cook, or how to defrost some chicken, etc. You can also use your voice to tell the microwave to cook for three minutes and so forth.

Ring Stick Up Cams
Ring Stick Up Cams - $179

Finally, Amazon announced a couple of new Stick Up Cams from Ring. These will work with your existing Ring Doorbell, so you can get a full picture of what’s happening outside. Amazon is offering these in both wired and wire-free models. And it starts at $179.