Amazon Announces Alexa-Enabled Smart Plug For $25

Amazon Smart Plug White Kitchen

In short: Amazon announced about 11 different Alexa devices today, which also includes a Smart Plug. This Smart Plug is like any other smart plug, it allows you to control it using your smartphone, and you can set up schedules for it to turn on and off at certain times. But this is also compatible with Alexa. So using an Alexa-enabled device, like the new Echo’s announced today, you can control this smart plug, or even by simply using the Amazon Alexa app. The Amazon Smart Plug also supports routines which was announced today, allowing users to set up a routine to get turn something on at a certain time and turn it off at a certain time.

Background: Smart Plugs have been some of the most popular products in the smart home category for a few years now. And there’s one main reason why, the price. The other is how easy they are to setup and use. Smart Plugs are generally around $30 to $40, and Amazon is selling theirs even cheaper right now. Which is going to help Amazon push these even harder and get people to buy an Alexa device to control it as well. These can be used to control lamps that are using the older “dumb” light bulbs, or even for a coffee maker, or really anything else.

Impact: This does not have Amazon Alexa built-in, but rather it is compatible with Alexa, which is actually a bit different. It means that there is no speaker here, and that you do need a smart speaker to use the Alexa functionality here. The Amazon Smart Plug is up for pre-order now, for a price of $25. And it will begin shipping on October 11, if you choose two-day shipping at checkout, you can get this on launch day, which is pretty impressive.


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