Amazon Alexa Can Now Help With Ordering Contact Lenses

Amazon Echo Dot AM AH 1

Amazon’s Alexa can do many things and one of those things is the ability to order (or reorder) your contact lenses. As one of Alexa’s newer skills is the Discount Contacts Reorder Skill. As the name suggests, this support had been added by DiscountContacts.com, a website which carries a wide range of branded contact lenses, including Acuvue, Air Optix, Biofinity, Dailies, Biotrue, and Proclear.

This is actually a first of it’s kind Alexa skill, and as it’s an official Alexa skill, the setting up process is fairly simply. All Alexa-supported device owners have to do is ask Alexa to “open Discount Contacts.” Once done, a card will be present in the Alexa app and from here device owners can link their Discount Contacts account which will then allow the device owner to command Alexa to place new orders just by using a voice command such as “Alexa, reorder contacts with Discount Contacts.” As is usually the case, Alexa will reconfirm the command before placing an order.

The major benefit of using Alexa to order the next batch of contact lenses is simply the convenience of the whole thing. As there is no particular need to spend time going to the website and physically placing an order online. Instead, the contact lens wearer only needs to be within earshot of an Alexa-enabled device and just issue the command as and when needed. If for example, there is an Alexa device in the bathroom, then ordering the next set of lenses can be done the minute the wearer realizes the stockpile is running low. That very second a voice command can be issued and the new batch will already be on its way. Essentially, removing the likelihood of forgetting to order later in the day. What’s more, there is also an added financial incentive to using this method. As the retailer offers a 10-percent discount to all voice orders made. Although, getting started with the service does first require an initial order to be made via the company’s website. That is unlikely to be too much of an issue though, considering all new customers also get a 20-percent discount when ordering online. So once the account is setup, the first order has been placed with 20-percent off, all future reorders can then be done just by using your voice and will come with that additional 10-percent discount each time. Those interested in finding out more, or quickly enabling the Discount Contacts Reorder Skill, click here.