98 Cents is an Ingenious Charitable Take on Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


98 cents doesn't sound like a lot of money. Because it isn't. If 98 cents fell out of your pocket at the beach you wouldn't go looking for it. If you found a parking ticket on your car for 98 cents you would laugh with relief.

But to those less fortunate than yourself 98 cents can be the difference between eating and going hungry, buying sanitary products or going without, getting a pet treated by the veterinarian or letting it die.

98 Cents is an innovative new charity app that aims to help those in need by allowing users to create fundraising projects and make effortless donations of between 98 cents and $9.80.


It's an informal peer-to-peer charitable platform, not affiliated with an existing charity. This means that instead of pushing money through the metaphorical letterbox of a large charitable institution and hoping it does some good, you're actually giving directly to individuals who can explain exactly what they need the money for.

It's works a bit like Kickstarter. When you open the app you're taken straight to the Projects page, where you can see the causes currently seeking support.

These are all individuals, with profile pictures, and each project has a succinct title asking for help to, e.g., make car payments, buy food, pay for cancer medication, buy school shoes, and much more.


Tapping on one of these projects takes you to a more detailed description of the case, and from here it's very straightforward to donate by tapping on the credit card icon.

This takes you to a payment page, where you can increase your donation (or decrease it) by increments of one dollar. You can leave a personal comment, too, and there are several different payment options, including Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and PayPal.

You can also favorite projects by tapping on the heart icon, allowing you to follow the cases that resonate with you.


Naturally you can also use the app to ask for help, by creating a project rather than donating to one. Either way, it all works seamlessly. There's simply no faster or more efficient way to raise funds or help those in need.

Download 98 Cents for free on Google Play right now. You won't regret it.