10 Viral Android Apps To Tweak A Student’s Life

dictionary.com dictionary 5.0 app

Feeling a little overwhelmed? There comes a time in every student’s life when there is a little too much on his or her plate. A couple decades ago, dealing with all the problems was a lot tougher.Thankfully, today we have smartphones. And they come with a bunch of useful apps to make our lives easier.

Let’s take a closer look.




A big bunch of problems with studying in college comes due to the lack of organization. If you still don’t know how to organize your tasks, an app can do it for you. Any.do allows you to create a stylish to-do list. It synchronizes the tasks with all of your Android-based devices so you can access the list anytime and from anywhere.

For those of you, who are truly pressed for time, the app has voice recognition options so you don’t even have to type the task in. You can get the basic version for free. The pro version costs $5 per month and has a few benefits, such as:

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  • Location-based reminders
  • Theme adjustment
  • Unlimited file size
  • Unlimited access to Any.do Moment
  • Prioritized customer support.


If you are buried under loads of studying, one more essay can knock you off balance. Thankfully, there is a service that can do it for you. EssayPro can help you with writing best essays without a hassle.Whatever the topics or deadlines are, you can find an excellent specialist to assist you with essay writing for the best possible results.  



Mathaway is a leader among programs, which help you solve math problems. From simple equations to complicated solutions, it has it all. This app solves the toughest math problems instantaneously. All you have to do is enter the problem and you’ll get a free answer immediately.

In case you don’t have time to type the problem in, just take a picture of it. If you need step-by-step solutions, you can get them as well. Mathaway deals with math, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, chemistry, graphs, linear algebra, and much more.

College students can take full advantage of this app absolutely free. It can become an irreplaceable assistant for anyone, who studies math.



Scribd is essentially a library, which you can find more than a million titles in. As an e-book subscription service, it allows you to make reading lists, download books, and find rare titles. Some call Scribd the biggest online library in the world. You can access it without leaving the classroom.

Scribd is often called “Netflix for books”. Having this app on your smartphone is a true “must have”. You get access to an unlimited number of books for a flat fee of $8.99. The library also grants access to audiobooks, which can improve the learning process.  The app has a 30-day free trial period.



Here is another app to keep you organized. Even the most organized college students can be overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to deal with. Having your smartphone make timely reminders can greatly reduce the pressure.

This app can keep track of homework, tests, exams, and class schedules. Instead of writing the information down on paper, punch it into the app. Whenever you have too much information to deal with, ask Studious for help. It will remind you where and when you should go. The app frees your head up for other important information while keeping you punctual.



Do you sometimes come across tricky words when reading? College students often have to tackle complicated literature. A convenient dictionary is a must-have for any student. Searching the Internet every time you need a definition is time-consuming.

Dictionary.com allows you to find definitions, check spelling, buff yourself up on grammar, and much more. The app covers more than 2 million words. It comes with an excellent audio search, which can simplify your task and save time.The software can correct your pronunciation and help you find origins of the toughest English words.


The app is free. You can upgrade it to the Premium version for a reasonable fee.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

The name of the app speaks for itself. Long gone are the days when we had to carry a bulky scientific calculator in our backpacks. Today, you can get access to an excellent calculation assistant on your smartphone. The app works just like the real scientific calculator. As a bonus, it comes with a help function.

The basic version is free. It’s sufficient for the majority of problems most college students face. If you need additional features, you can get a paid upgrade. In any case, using this app is much cheaper than purchasing a scientific calculator. Meanwhile, you are less likely to forget your smartphone at home than you would a bulky calculation machine.


Are you studying a foreign language? Then this app can become your best friend. It allows you to learn a language in a game playing format. While it won’t make a fluent speaker out of you, it can help you improve your knowledge.

Duolingo allows you to get ready for tests and exams, learn vocabulary, and conquer new language horizons. It’s also a wonderful app for students, who would like to learn a new language for themselves. It’s an excellent free pocket tutor.

Chegg Books

If you want to save money on textbooks, this app is a must-have. It allows you to search for textbooks by their ISBN and find people, who are ready to sell or rent them to you. When you are done with the textbook, you can use this app to sell it to someone else. This irreplaceable textbook finder is absolutely free.


Are you having trouble understanding some of the books you are reading for class? This app can solve the problem. Summary and analysis of each book can help you understand it in a flash without spending hours trying to decipher what the author wanted to say. LitCharts explanations are short, easy to understand, and free.


If you want to simplify your life at college, we suggest taking advantage of the above tools. They can help improve the learning process while leaving you some free time to relax