YouTube TV Arrives In More US Locations, Bringing The Total To 100

YouTube TV Android App Notifications AH 01

YouTube TV has reached a new milestone as it’s now available in 100 locations across the US. In spite of having been on the market for some time, YouTube TV is still considered in the early stages of its release and is only available in select regions. White that list was pretty short to begin with, the service’s Twitter handle today confirmed it has now breached the 100 location marker.

In announcing the milestone, YouTube also confirmed that three new locations now have access to YouTube TV. These are now confirmed as Kingsport and Johnson City in Tennessee, as well as Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia. While this is not as great of an expansion as the one that occurred in December, it is still the one that has seen the service reach 100 locations. In conjunction with the expansion in availability, YouTube TV has spent the last few months increasing its channel list, and based on some reports, to the point where it is actually losing money on a per-subscriber basis. Speaking of the price, interested consumers in these new cities can now sign up for YouTube TV for $40 per month. This does represent a slight increase compared to the $35 per month cost the service originally launched for, but it remains to be a highly competitive price considering the content on offer.

Compared to other options YouTube TV is missing a number of popular entertainment channels, although it does make up for this in the sports department. As well as through a number of advanced features that are not available (or to the same capacity) through competing services. Such as the ability to share an account with five other people (six in total), unlimited cloud-based DVR, and compatibility with a number of devices and platforms, including Android TV. Like most other similar services, YouTube TV does also offer the option to add on additional premium networks for an additional cost – something else that has been expanding at the same time as the location support. As is also to be expected with any live TV streaming service currently available, YouTube TV offers a free trial to new customers looking to test out the service before having to pay for it.


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