Verizon Confirms Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Availability & Pricing

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 AM AH 19

Verizon has now confirmed it will be stocking and selling the newly-announced Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The carrier has announced that starting midnight (ET) on August 10 interesting customers will be able to pre-order the Galaxy Note 9 through its website. Alternatively, customers can wait until August 24 and pick the new Samsung phone up from a Verizon store.

In terms of the price, Verizon will be offering the Galaxy Note 9 for $41.66 per month on a 24-month basis via a Verizon device payment agreement. In other words, $999 in total. This is only for the 128GB model, however, with those looking for greater storage levels able to buy the 512GB Galaxy Note 9 for $1,249.99, or $52.08 per month – again based on a 24-month agreement.

As is usually the case with new smartphone launches, Verizon will be entertaining a number of different promotions. The most notable of which is a BOGO deal. Essentially, those who buy a new 128GB Galaxy Note 9 will have the option of getting a second 128GB Galaxy Note 9 for free. Alternatively, they can instead choose a Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus as the second free phone. It’s worth noting this deal requires at least one new line of service. Likewise, Verizon has highlighted the various Samsung deals that are available (regardless of where you buy the phone from) which means those who pre-order before August 23 can choose between a free pair of AKG noise-cancelling headphones or additional perks that can be used with Fortnite on Android, such as an Samsung-exclusive Galaxy skin and 15,000 V-bucks. As a last bonus, Verizon is also offering Verizon Up members, who have a Samsung phone tied to their account, a $10 discount off Samsung accessories. Speaking of the accessories, Verizon has also confirmed it will be offering Samsung’s new smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch, as well as the Samsung Wireless Charging Duo and the Samsung Wireless Charger Pad, when they become available. This is in addition to the more usual accessories expected, such as a variety of cases, and from a wide range of brands, including OtterBox, Incipio, kate spade new york, and more.

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