Top Coolest Instagram Apps to Take Your InstaPosts to the Next Level

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Competition is in the air – and given the popularity and growth of the social networking service, it’s getting harder for brands to provide original visual content that hooks people and, as a result, compels action.

To connect with people, marketers use various Instagram apps to improve their content, to understand their target audience, and check the analytics. Each of these tools claim to be the best within the market. For that reason, finding the most suitable app for your respective purpose turns into a never-ending process. This quick guidance is designed to help you save your time. It’s a simple overview of the top Instagram applications across the main categories:

  • Photo design & editing: resize, collage and edit your photos.
  • Target audience engagement: excellent timing and contests are available.
  • Video design & editing: resize, collage and design your videos.
  • Data & analytics: use more comprehensive data to grow your followers.

Some of the products are freemium (you’re required to pay for the additional features while the base tool is free) or free, while the others require advance payments. But they’ve all been successfully used and proven to get better results.


Now, make sure to pick the ones that will work for you as well.

Photo Design & Editing

These apps are used to turn your photos into the post-production. They will help you to share the content-that-will-click to hook your audience.




Developed by Instagram, this photo-collage tool is an excellently simple and feature-rich image mixer that can “lay out” 9 images at once to create a collage. You can pick images from your library or make the on-the-go photos. Then it’s just a matter of filters and the job is done.




Price: $2.99 on iOS

Meet a professional photo-editing tool that can easily grab both non-RAW and RAW images. This high-end app provides you with more colors and maximum resolution to the pics you’ve saved. Even if you’re not a post-production specialist, Priime will help you with smart suggestions based on the format, colors and content of the image.


Target Audience Engagement

Warming up your audience with high quality content is a must. The following tools will help you to hook the followers with the messages that are on-time and useful more than ever.




If you’re far apart from the world of copywriting, crafting captions for Instagram posts is a real pain. While professional writing help can be found at the websites like Cheapessay.net, Captiona offers tons of relevant and creative lyrics and quotes to caption your everyday posts with. Simply search a keyword (for instance, “London”, “writing” or “drawing”), and Captiona will provide you with a great assortment of suggestions. Tap one (thus, you will copy it) and paste it into Instagram.




Ghost followers, or inactive followers, are the ones, who follow you but never comment, share or like your posts. Crowdfire is designed to detect these “keepers of silence” and, if you prefer, to delete them.

Video Design & Editing

These tools will help you to create the videos that will get the desired buzz and rise above the noise on Instagram, where literally everyone can turn his profile into something compelling.




While Instagram provides you with an opportunity to resize content, this resizing tool is your chance to have a total control over the background color, size and position of the video. Plus, the item is quite intuitive and easy-to-use. All you need to do is to pinch in and out to fit the frame to let your followers will see exactly what you want them to see.



Being the product of Instagram, this video-editing tool enables you to create the gif like videos that can easily loop back and forth.

Data & Analytics

These tools will help Instagrammers extract the data they depend on to show how efficacious your decisions are and, as the result, the value of your product.



Facebook Business profile owner can access the network’s native analytics tools called Instagram Insights. You can benefit from a bunch of reliable and accurate metrics in order to track and understand your audience. Moreover, you can even learn more about what kind of posts your audience enjoy the most.



The tool provides real-time, comprehensive data brands need to make informed, reasonable decisions. Use Hootsuite Analytics to monitor trends, track your Instagram campaigns, and control audience growth from a single, intuitive panel.

Do your best to communicate your brand with a gorgeous Instagram profile.  The competition among the users is never letting up. More and more Instagrammers hit the platform with an eye-catching feed every single day. Get an edge. Pick one of the apps mentioned above and drive higher engagement and sharing.