Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Car Chargers - August 2018

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a fairly large capacity battery - at 4,000mAh - so it likely won't need to be charged while you are in the car. But just in case you do need to charge it while you're driving. It's a good idea to pick up a car charger to do just that. There are thousands (if not millions) of car chargers available. So it's tough to gauge which are the ones you should be picking up. Well, we have rounded up the top 10 best car chargers that are currently available for the Galaxy Note 9, and all of these support Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charge standard, so you can charge the Galaxy Note 9 pretty quickly.

One of our favorites here is the Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger. This is because it is a relatively inexpensive car charger, but it also has two USB ports. This is going to allow the driver and the passenger to charge their smartphones at the same time, which is definitely useful. It does 24W or 4.8A, this means that each port is going to do 2.4A of output. That's pretty good, and it is the same speed as Adaptive Fast Charge and Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0. So this will work on any smartphone, not just the Galaxy Note 9, which is definitely a good thing here. It also sports Anker's PowerIQ technology. This essentially talks to your smartphone (or whatever is plugged in) to see the fastest speeds it can take in, and will deliver those speeds, accordingly. This is all done without harming the device, or making it hot, which is important with the Galaxy Note 9.

There are tons of great car chargers listed below which are going to work really well for the Galaxy Note 9. Though most of you probably won't need one, since that Galaxy Note 9 battery is just so good. But it is nice to have one just in case. If you haven't already picked up a Galaxy Note 9, you can do so by hitting up Amazon right here.

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger

This is a dual-port car charger from Anker, that supports its PowerIQ technology. It is able to charge your Galaxy Note 9 at up to 2.4A per port. That's the same speed as Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charging, which makes it a great car charger to use with the Galaxy Note 9.

AUKEY Flush Fit Dual Port Car Charger

This car charger is very popular, and that's because it fits flush in your car, to make it look like there are two USB ports built into your vehicle. It's small, but does still output 2.4A out of each port. So while it's not Quick Charge 3.0, it'll still provide some great speed for recharging your Galaxy Note 9.

RAVPower 40W 3A Car Charger

RAVPower has dual Quick Charge 3.0 ports here on this car charger, which is going to allow you to quickly charge your phone on the go. Now the Galaxy Note 9 does not support Quick Charge 3.0, but it is backwards compatible, so it will charge at the same speed as the Adaptive Fast Charger in the box with your Galaxy Note 9.


A bit of an interesting car charger here. This is from Anker's "Roav" brand and it has Alexa built-in. So you can charge your phone on the go, and use Alexa at the same time. There are two USB ports here that do PowerIQ Technology, which will charge your Galaxy Note 9 (or another phone) as quickly as it can handle, safely.

AUKEY USB-C Car Charger

Now we have a USB-C car charger here. This has a USB-C port that is capable of 3A of output, and then a USB-A port that does Quick Charge 3.0 (that's also at 3A). Both of these are backwards compatible, so if you have an older phone that can't take that much power at once, it'll still charge it without causing any damage.

AmazonBasics 4-Port USB Car Charger

If you're looking for a cheap car charger that can charge your phone on the go, without any fancy features, then this one from AmazonBasics is definitely worth checking out. It's a four port car charger, that does 2.4A each or 9.6A altogether. This is great because the more you have plugged in doesn't result in slower speeds, like some other chargers.

Spigen 30W Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger

This is another Quick Charge 3.0 car charger, and again it is backwards compatible so it'll work just fine with the Galaxy S9. There are two ports in this Spigen model here. One is a Quick Charge 3.0 port while the other is a regular USB-A port that can do 2.4A, which is still plenty fast, and the speed that the Galaxy Note 9 charges at anyways.

AUKEY Flush Fit Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger

If you liked that flush fit car charger that started out this list, but wanted something with faster speeds, or future proof, then this is the one to get. It does have just one port, but that one port is a Quick Charge 3.0 port. Of course, this is backwards compatible, but it'll also charge your phone quickly, which is what matters.

Roav Car Charger with FM Transmitter and Bluetooth 4.2 Receiver

This car charger from Roav is another one that is a bit different. It has two USB ports for charging your phones, as expected. But it also has a built-in FM transmitter and a Bluetooth 4.2 receiver. While most cars have FM radio anyways (hard to find one that doesn't), adding Bluetooth 4.2 is a really nice addition here.

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