Top 10 Best Android Apps — Wallpaper — August 2018

AH Top 10 wallpaper apps 1

There are a ton of great wallpapers available out there, and considering you can set basically any image, static or moving, as your wallpaper, one way or another, you have plenty of options. Over the years, a ton of great wallpaper-focused apps surfaced in the Play Store, and those apps do offer a wide range of wallpaper styles for you to choose from. Some of those apps are focused on a specific type of wallpapers, like wallpapers for AMOLED devices, or minimalistic wallpapers, while other basically cover everything. In any case, we’ve selected our top 10 wallpapers applications from the Google Play Store, so if you’re looking for a new app to bring you wallpapers, read on.



Zedge is an app that has been around for a long time now. A website with this name has been around since before Android was a thing, actually, so you can imagine how large its database is. This application contains not only a ton of high-def wallpapers you can choose from, but it also got you covered when it comes to ringtones and notification tones, while its UI is also rather easy to navigate. Zedge is one of the most popular apps on this list with over 300 million downloads.

Google Wallpapers


Wallpapers, also known as Google Wallpapers, is Google’s very own application which actually allows you to pick your favorite category of wallpapers, and Google will provide you a new wallpaper each day to mix up your customization game. There are a number of categories to choose from in this app, and you can even access images from Google Earth and Google+ if you want.



Walli is one of the best-rated wallpapers app in the Play Store, and it’s featured in Google Wallpapers, actually. This app offers you to browser wallpapers from a number of categories, including animals, space, quotes, black, nature, and so on. This app actually has a community of artists from around the world which submit their work for you to check out, and perhaps use as your wallpaper at some point.


Wallpapers HD


Wallpapers HD app allows you to choose wallpapers in various sizes, all the way up to Ultra HD (4K). This app provides a new HD wallpaper on an hourly basis, while there are a ton of wallpapers that you can choose from. The design of this app is also straight-to-the-point, the app is easy to navigate, and the design is not in the way, the focus is solely on images. The app is free to use, though in-app purchases are available, along with ads.



Wallify, much like Wallpapers HD, allows you to choose an optimal wallpaper size and resolution for your device. You can browse the most popular and newest wallpapers in this applications, while a number of categories are available, like in more or less every other wallpaper app that we’ve mentioned thus far. This app even allows you to upload your own wallpapers, though they will need to be approved by the Wallify team before becoming available to the public.


Girly Wallpapers

Girly Wallpapers app is, as its name says, more oriented towards women than men, and there are not many apps like that. This app specializes in ‘girly’ wallpapers, though men may find it interesting as well, depending on their taste, of course. This app comes with over 10,000 high quality ‘girly’ and ‘cute’ wallpapers, as the developer says, and and it does contain ads, even though there are no additional in-app purchases required.


Wallrox is an app that focuses on Material Design and abstract wallpapers, and it offers all sorts of HD wallpapers. This app contains over 800 HD wallpapers which belong in Material Design and abstract categories, while there are a ton of sub-categories that you can choose from here, including minimal, mosaic, Christmas, blur, black & white, and so on. This app also offers you to choose between Light and Dark Themes, while you can select favorite wallpapers to add to your list as well.


Backdrops app offers wallpapers that are hand-crafted by the Backdrops team, and it also allows you to upload your own wallpapers as well. Backdrops app offers new wallpapers on a daily basis, and as in any app, there are a number of categories you can choose from. List of favorite wallpapers is available in this app, and there’s also a ‘Pro’ version of the app which will give you access to ‘Premium Collections’ and also remove ads from the app.

AMOLED Wallpapers

AMOLED Wallpapers, as its name says, focuses on wallpapers that are made for AMOLED devices, which basically means that you’ll find a lot of dark wallpapers here in which pitch black color prevails. If you do own a smartphone with an OLED panel, and do want to save some battery and have a wallpaper that will shine on that display, well, this app does have a ton of wallpapers to offer, and they’re included in various categories.

Minimalist Wallpapers

Minimalist Wallpapers is an app which has a collection of minimalist wallpapers at your disposal, as its name says. There are over 2,500 such wallpapers included in this application, and the developer claims that most of these wallpapers you will not find anywhere else. If you’re a minimalist, and you do love this style, then this app is right for you, and it’s also free to use even though ads are included.