Top 10 Best Android Apps — To-Do — August 2018

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Keeping track of what you need to do throughout your day can be somewhat difficult if you do not write it all down, and that’s where to-do apps shine. Most of you are probably quite busy during your day, so organizing what you need to do is crucial, and if you don’t prefer to write it down on a piece of paper, some of the apps that we’ve hand-picked here can be quite useful. In the list down below, you will find 10 apps that are mostly focusing on organizing your day by creating to-do lists, though a number of them offer some additional functionality as well. These apps are listed in no specific order, in case you were wondering.

Google Keep


Google Keep is one of the most popular note-taking applications on the Play Store, and one of its features is creating to-do lists. Google Keep is one of Google’s very own apps, and it’s tied to your Google account, which means that you’ll basically be logged in as soon as you log into your account on Android, and all of your notes will be synced to the cloud. Google Keep offers a really simple design, as it follows Google’s Material Design guidelines, and creating to-do lists is also quite simple and intuitive.



Todoist is an app that has been around for quite some time at this point, and is quite popular. This app has been downloaded way over 10 million times, and even though to-do lists are a part of the offering here, Todoist is so much more than that. This app allows you to manage your day, basically, manage all tasks, errands, and so on. Reminders are also a part of the package, while you can color-code your priorities. This app comes with integrations with Dropbox, Alexa, Zapier, IFTTT, Slack, and so on, while the design of the app is quite straightforward, and simple, in a good way.


To Do List

To Do List is an app from Splend Apps, and the name of this app basically explains the whole app. This application focuses solely on to-do- lists, and it’s doing a really good job at that. If you need an app only for to-do lists, this app offers a really clean design, and yet, it’s quite functional. You can group your tasks using this application, while Google sync is also included in the package. Notification support is included, while you will you will get two widgets as part of the offering as well, along with a number of other features.




Ike is a to-do list app that approaches things in a somewhat different manner compared to other apps on the list, as it introduces quite a bit of color to the mix. All that color is combined with regular Material Design UI, and in combination, the design of this app looks really nice. In this app, you can prioritize tasks, set reminders, and include images and audio to the mix. You can also take regular notes using Ike, while widgets are supported here as well. This app is free to use, while in-app purchases are optional and it will not affect your usage of the app.



TickTick is yet another application whose purpose is to help you plan your day, and it includes a to-do list option as part of that. This app goes a step further and offers some additional options over regular note-taking applications, as it includes a relatively useful calendar on the inside, along with regular note-taking, and to-do list options. You can attach photos and audio content in this application, and the app’s design is quite clean as well. A ‘Pro’ version of this app is also available, though you’ll need to pay in order to use it, while this version is completely free.



Wunderlist is yet another app that has been in the Play Store for quite some time now, and it’s also one of the best-rated to-do list apps out there. This app is currently holding a 4.6-star rating in the Play Store, and its main purpose is to help you keep track of your daily tasks. This app has a number of features though, it allows you to start conversations about your to-do lists, set reminders for some to-dos, so that you don’t forget, while you can also attach photos, PDFs, and more to your tasks.


ColorNote is a very simple note-taking application, which does come with to-do lists feature as well. This application lets you set different colors for different notes you take, and it also allows you to put various widget types on your homescreen, you can even set different widget for every single note that you have jotted down. Reminders are a part of the offering as well, and ColorNote is completely free to use, while it currently has the same rating as Wunderlist, a 4.6-star rating.

Easy Do

Easy Do app focuses on your notes, reminders and to-do lists. This app offers a rather clean design, the main color in the app is white, while it uses shades of gray as well, and a little bit of other colors, just to spice things up. This app allows you to see all your tasks in a timeline view, so that you know exactly what to do next, while a number of customization options are available in settings as well. Easy Do app is completely free to use, though in-app purchases are available, same as with a number of other apps from this list.


Evernote is easily one of the most popular note-taking applications out there, though this app grew to be so much more than that. Evernote is a full-fledged organizer, and to-do lists are only a part of what this application has to offer. You can invite other people to collaborate with you on specific tasks, you can use this application as a journal of sorts, while reminders are also included in the package. Evernote supports a ton of different file types that you can attach to this app, while audio files are also supported, and the app allows you to record your own audio as well.

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is Microsoft’s very own take on a to-do app. Much like a number of other apps on this list, this app focuses on to-do lists. This application offers a really simple UI, that should be easy to navigate to pretty much everyone, while reminders are supported by the app. Microsoft opted to utilize Google’s Material Design guidelines while designing this app, while you can also add regular notes in this app, it’s not limited to only to-do lists. Microsoft’s to-do app can sync all of your notes and to-do lists, and you can use it on your personal computer as well.