Top 10 Best Android Apps — Premier League — August 2018

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If you love to watch football (soccer), you probably already know that the English Premier League had kicked off recently. Well, in case you still don’t have the right setup for following what’s going on in the Premier League, we’ve hand-picked some apps for you. In the list down below, you will find some apps that are focused specifically on the Premier League, while you’ll also be able to check out some live score apps, and some other applications that are not solely focused on the Premier League, but a Premier League is a factor in them. Also, these apps are not listed in any specific order.

Premier League


It seems only right to kick things off with the official Premier League application, doesn’t it. This application contains a ton of data when it comes to the Premier League, ranging from team news and squads, to upcoming fixtures and match results / info. On top of all that, this app lets you manage your Fantasy Premier League team, and check out video highlights as well, while the app is free to use.

EPL Live


EPL Live is not solely focused on the Premier League, but it has most Premier League content compared to other leagues, that’s for sure. This is one of the most popular Premier League apps on the Play Store, and it’s essentially a Premier League live score app (even though a number of other leagues are available). In addition to scores, you’re also getting a ton of match stats, while news are also a part of this application. You can also check out highlights from matches, while detailed player profiles are also included here.



SofaScore is one of the most popular live score application in the Google Play Store. This application will give you a ton of information when it comes to a number of sports, including football (soccer), basketball, Formula 1, volleyball, handball, tennis… and a number of others. When it comes to the Premier League, you’ll get access to a ton of stats, squads, per-player stats, video highlights, standing, fixtures, and more.


Premier League – Live Football Results


The name of this app is kind of self-explanatory, though, in addition to football results, this app also has some stats for you, highlights, standing, and so on. The interface of the app is really simple, and easy to navigate, while it’s also eye-pleasing at the same time. This app does come with ads, but it’s free to use. It’s not one of the most popular apps on our list, but it’s sure a really capable app if you’re looking for a simple app to follow what’s going on in the Premier League.

Fantasy Football Manager (FPL)


Fantasy Football Manager, also known as FPL, comes in two variants, both a free version and a paid ‘Pro’ option are available in the Play Store. In this game, you will lead your fantasy football team, as you can select 15 players from the Premier League in order to compete with your friends. You can either create or join a fantasy football league, it’s completely up to you, while this app has a ton of options on the inside, and it’s one of the most popular Fantasy Football apps out there.



Forza is yet another Live Score app, though this app brings the same amount of focus to the Premier League, as it does to other major football leagues out there. Forza offers a different UI than SofaScore, though it’s equally as appealing, it all depends on what you prefer, of course, as the UI is really simple to navigate. Player stats, match stats, standings, and so much more is included in this application.

Dream League Soccer 2018

Dream League Soccer 2018 is one of the better soccer / football games for Android. This game does not complicate things too much, as the gameplay is straightforward, and if you’re looking for some fun between Premier League matches, this game may help you relax and enjoy soccer / football. In this game, you can buy / sell players, participate in various tournaments, and so on.

Premier League 2018/19 Pro

Premier League 2018/19 Pro app is all about the Premier League. This app offers a really simple UI, and it provides you with an up-to-date Premier League standings, fixtures, statistics, news, and some other information. This is one of the simplest Premier League application of this type that we’ve stumbled upon, and yet it offers a lot of info, so if you like to keep things simple, this may be the way to go.

Guess The Logo English Premier League Teams

This version of Guess The Logo app is focused solely on the Premier League. The name of the app basically explains the app’s functionality, in this app, you’ll need to guess which logo belongs to which team, and collect points based on it. There are three difficulty levels included here, easy, medium, and hard, and other than clubs from the Premier League, the app will also shoot Championship logos your way in order to make things a bit more difficult.


FotMob is, along with SofaScore and Forza, the most popular live score application in the Google Play Store. This app comes in regular and ‘Pro’ variants, while it gives you news from the world of football / soccer, live scores, live commentary, TV schedules, standings, a ton of stats, highlights, and so much more. Player and team info are also included in this application, while the app comes with a truly eye-pleasing user interface.