Top 10 Best Android Apps — Google — August 2018

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Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world, and a company behind Android, one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, so you’d expect it to have a lot of apps available on mobile platforms, and it does. Google has quite a few applications available in the Play Store, though some of them are more popular / functional than others, and in this article, we’ll list 10 Google-made apps that we are using frequently, and do think that are the best the company has made (or owns at the moment) thus far. This is not an easy feat considering that the company produced quite a few apps that do deserve to be in such a list, but there you go, 10 need to be selected. Apps in this list, as usual, are listed in non-specific order, in case you were wondering.



Gmail is one of Google’s most popular applications, and an e-mail app that quite a few people use, as it was installed over 1 billion times thus far. This app offers a clean-looking UI, and it’s quite functional, it will keep your e-mails organized, while you can create tags for specific e-mail addresses. Gmail supports multiple accounts, and you can use both Gmail and non-Gmail addresses with Gmail. Gmail’s spam filter is quite useful as well, while the app still keeps receiving useful features, like the ‘Undo Send’ option it received recently.



Snapseed is an image-editing app that Google actually purchased a while back, but the company did improve it quite a bit since then. Snapseed comes with a ton of image-editing tools, and in addition to that, it has a ton of filters you can choose from. Snapseed also offers support for RAW files, while regular tools such as crop, rotate, perspective… and so on, are also a part of the picture. On top of everything, Snapseed also offers a ton of frames that you can choose from.



YouTube is an app that most of you probably use on a daily basis, no matter if you’re subscribed to a ton of channels, or you browse for the latest funny cat video. YouTube is also an app that has crossed the 1 billion app installs quite some time ago, and as most of you know, it offers all sorts of video content for you to choose from, as its community grew a lot over the years. YouTube uses your Google account to keep you logged in, though video ads are a part of the experience, and they’ve been for quite some time now.


Google Calendar


Google Calendar is a calendar app which offers a clean-looking UI, and it takes advantage of Google’s sync, so all you have to do is use one of your Google accounts, and you’re good to go. Google Calendar is an easy way to stay organized during your work week, while this app also supports to-do lists, reminders, and you can also add personal goals that you would like to achieve in a specific time span.



Gboard is Google’s very own keyboard, formerly known as ‘Google Keyboard’. This app comes with Google search integrated, and the same goes for Google Translate. You can search for GIFs using this application, and the same goes for emoticons. Gboard is one of the most precise keyboards when it comes to word prediction, and it supports ‘Glide Typing’, in case you prefer to use it over regular typing, or you often type with one hand. Themes are also supported by Gboard, so you can even customize the look of it.



Chrome is the most popular Internet browser around, and its version for Android is quite compelling. The design is clean and functional, while the app loads pages really fast. You can save pages offline for later reading, while Incognito mode is also available. Google’s auto-complete feature is integrated with Google Chrome, while this app comes with Google Translate built-in. There are some privacy options included in the app, and while the ‘Save Mobile Data’ feature is also available here.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the company’s very own solution for cloud storage. This app allows you to upload basically anything to the cloud, ranging from images and video to PDF files, presentations and so on. Google Drive is basically your hard drive in the cloud, and you’re getting 15GB of free storage to get you going. Google offers various subscriptions for you to get more storage than that, in case that’s something you need. Google Drive app offers a really clean-looking UI, and it’s quite functional.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an all-in-one note-taking application. If you tend to forget things, or you simply need an app to take notes with, Google Keep is definitely a good solution. Other than regular notes, you can take audio notes, write using your finger, or jot-down lists. This app integrates with your Google account in order to back up everything in the cloud, so you can access your notes from other devices, and don’t have to worry about it.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular navigation apps on Android. This app has been available for Android for a long time now, and it got a lot better with time. Google Maps will show you the way no matter if you’re on foot, using a car, or public transportation. Real-time traffic updates are available here as well. If you’re going somewhere where you won’t be able to get internet signal, well, you can download a specific route / part of land offline, so that you can access it whenever and wherever.

Google Photos

Google Photos is amongst the newest apps compared to other apps on this list. Google Photos app is basically your gallery app, which, at the same time, backups your images and videos online, and a free backup option is available. Google Photos app offers a really nice design, while it also comes with an advanced search, using which you can locate photos of your cat, dog, photos with people who have mustaches, and so on… basically, you can say what’s in the photo, and the app will find it for you.