Top 10 Best Android Apps — Browser — August 2018

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Having the right Internet browser app(s) on your phone is crucial, as that is an app that you use on a daily basis. Luckily for Android users, there are a ton of really compelling Internet browser apps in the Play Store, so you have plenty of options. We’ve hand-picked 10 browser apps for you, that we think are the best ones out there, and even though every single app that is listed down below can handle pretty much everything you can throw at it, they do come with different features and designs, so you do need to select the best one for you. These apps are listed in non-specific order, in case you were wondering.

Google Chrome


The first app on the list is Google’s very own browser, and quite probably the most popular browser on Android, Chrome. Chrome actually comes in several flavors in the Play Store, so make sure to select a stable version. This app incorporates Google’s Material Design guidelines, and it comes with Google Translate built-in. Regular browser features are included here, such as bookmarks, downloads, and so on… while Google Chrome will sync all of your data to the cloud, if you want.



Firefox is, next to Chrome and Opera, one of the most popular browsers on Android. This app got a lot better over the last couple of years than it was at first, and it can now compete with Chrome without a problem. Its UI is also quite simple, and it’s actually quite similar to Chrome’s, at least for the most part. There are a ton of privacy options available in Firefox, and all your regular browser features are still here, not to mention that this app supports add-ons.



Opera has been around for a long time, and much like Firefox, it only got better with time. Unlike Chrome and Firefox, Opera’s toolbar is at the bottom, so it’s more convenient for larger displays, while the UI also looks a bit different compared to Chrome and Firefox, but it’s still flat and nice-looking. Opera can block ads, while private browsing is also available here, as is on most other apps on this list. The sync feature is available as well, while Opera also utilizes ‘Smart news feed’.


CM Browser


CM Browser is lighter than most other browsers on this list, and aside from supporting a toolbar that is on the bottom of the display, it also comes with a built-in ad blocker. CM Browser has a number of privacy options, while it will also allow you to download videos from sites that you visit. Incognito mode is available in this app, while all history data is deleted automatically when you leave the app, for privacy reasons.

Dolphin Browser


Dolphin Browser has also been around for a long time now, and this app also comes with an ad-blocker built-in. This app comes with a Flash Player, while bookmarks and all the regular browser features are included here. Dolphin Browser comes with support for gestures, which is not something we see on many Internet browser apps out there, while Dolphin’s Sonar feature is available as well, and it allows you to talk to Dolphin, basically.


Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser, as its name says, is Samsung’s very own Internet browser which has been available on Android for a while now. This app is not limited to Samsung’s devices only, and it actually works really well. Features like ‘Reader Mode’ are available in this app, and you can also swipe in order to switch tabs. Samsung Internet Browser is based on Chromium 59, in case you were wondering.

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi is actually a lightweight browser which is based on Chromium and WebKit. This browser can load pages up faster than most browsers on this list, while it comes with an ad blocker, and a pop-up blocker. Cryptojacking protection is included in this app, and so is ‘Night Mode’ for late night browsing. This browser comes with a bottom address bar for ease of use, while it allows you to set a custom download folder, and it includes a number of other options.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s Internet browser which comes pre-installed on Windows-powered devices, and it’s available on Android as well. This app actually works really well, UI is quite modern, while the app can sync with a desktop version of Microsoft Edge, and allow you to pick up where you left off on your phone. QR code reader is included in the app, and so is voice search, along with all the regular features.

Phoenix Browser

Phoenix Browser is one of the best-rated Internet browsers out there. This app comes with a built-in video player, and it’s quite fast, actually. Incognito mode is a part of the picture as well, while the ‘No Image’ mode is also at your disposal, in case you’re interested in text-only versions of some websites. Night and Bright modes are included in this app, while this application supports cross-device browsing, as you can switch from mobile to desktop, for example.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is quite possibly the lightest app on this list, it’s essentially a light version of Opera browser. This app looks a bit different compared to its sibling, and it also comes with an ad blocker. Private browsing is supported by the app, while this app allows you to save your favorite sites. Opera Mini comes with ‘Night Mode’, and it can sync all of your info, while data-saving features are included as well.