Tempow Debuts Advanced Bluetooth Protocol For Smart Speakers – IFA 2018


Tempow has just announced the first ever, advanced Bluetooth protocol that will work for smart speakers running with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. Tempow, for those that are unaware, create software-only solutions to enhance Bluetooth protocols for hardware makers. Tempow’s announcement today, includes a new line of Audio Profile applications that the company is calling “TAP Smart”. The company notes that this suite of software enhancements are embedded directly in the speaker. And it is going to allow a user to stream a single source to up to four additional Bluetooth speakers – essentially allowing for multi-room audio over Bluetooth.

In addition to this new protocol, Tempow has also announced its first hardware partner, which is Keecker. Which is a voice-enabled robot that runs on Android TV with access to the Google Play Store and Google Assistant. On top of that, Keecker can also run as an Amazon Alexa speaker. Keecker’s CEO, Pierre Lebeau said in a prepared statement that “TAP Smart provides our customers with a way to create their own surround sound experience and enjoy Keecker in an entirely new way.” Lebeau also continued to say that the company loves “that it integrates with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and is compatible with all Bluetooth speakers.”

Currently, smart speakers are stuck with using Qualcomm’s TrueWireless chipset, if they want to do a complete Bluetooth sound system. Which isn’t a bad thing, but Tempow wants to unlock that capability for any speaker. And with this new advanced Bluetooth Protocol, TAP Smart, Tempow is doing just that. The company has been building technology to enhance voice transmission capabilities for smart assistants and will continue to to do so. Tempow also has a mesh network product that is coming soon, which will enable voice detection across all devices on the network.