SynchroLife Is A Restaurant Review Platform & Crypto Wallet


Apps with multiple use cases aren't entirely unheard of, but it's a safe bet that SynchroLife is the only restaurant review platform out there that doubles as a cryptocurrency wallet. The service uses the Ethereum blockchain to generate reward tokens for users that contribute high-quality content, called SynchroCoin. The coins don't have a set value for the time being, but they can apparently be used for premium membership, dining tickets and other things within the app. The company behind SynchroLife completed an ICO back in 2017 wherein it managed to raise over $100,000 in seed funding from token sales, but the cash worth of the total pot, and thus of each individual token, will be determined later on as the app picks up more users and SynchroCoin begins being traded in common markets. As a bonus, the app's wallet functionality will support Ethereum some time in the future.

Cryptocurrency features aren't the only thing that make this international app unique. Because of the reward system, active use is encouraged, and there's more info here than on some other platforms. Because the system uses a trust score for users and AI to judge the quality of the content and skew rewards, users are discouraged from submitting fake or low-quality reviews and photos. On top of all that, the same AI can pick up on your location, usual habits and preferences to suggest restaurants near you, making it easy to figure out where to dine no matter where in the world you are.

SynchroLife started out exclusively in Japan, and is now available worldwide, catering to both locals around the globe and tourists who want to grab the best possible bite while traveling abroad. The app was picked up by startup accelerator Plug and Play Japan. Even without a reward system in place, SynchroLife proved so popular during its initial Japan-exclusive run that it went international within a year. Globally, the app now boasts over 100,000 restaurant reviews and close to half a million photos posted on restaurants around the world, and that number is poised to grow rapidly now that the app's newest beta version is on offer worldwide in Apple's App Store and in Google Play. If you'd like to jump in and earn yourself some SynchroCoin before the crypto market has its way with the new token, hit the Play Store button below.


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