Study: Google Home Grabs 24% In Smart Speaker Market Share

AH Google Home Mini

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners released its quarterly study, showcasing each of the smart speakers on the market right now and their market share. In a surprising move, Amazon Echo lost a bit of the market share, while Apple doubled its market share and Google Home stayed about the same. As of June of this year, Amazon Echo holds around 70-percent of the market, with Google Home at 24-percent and Apple Homepod at six-percent. The Homepod is slowly coming around and picking up some market share, but it’s still far from beating out the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

In its study, CIRP also found that many people are using multiple smart speakers. According to the study, more people that own an Amazon Echo are buying more smart speakers than those that buy the Google Home. This could be because of the Echo Dot and some other third-party Alexa-enabled speakers that are very cheap (we’re talking under $50 and some are even under $30), making it easy to put more of these throughout your home and even putting one at the office. It’s not surprising to see Homepod users not picking up multiple smart speakers, seeing as the Homepod is $400 itself, and it’s the only smart speaker with Siri included.

Surprising, or perhaps not so surprising, is the fact that Microsoft’s Cortana is not even listed in this study. There are only a handful of smart speakers with Cortana included, but it’s just not the most popular assistant. So its speakers aren’t selling as well. Amazon’s Echos are doing so well because Amazon heavily discounts them quite often, and sometimes even bundles them with other products, and offers them essentially for free. Which is helping Amazon move more units and really grab a large portion of the market. You can check out the full study at the source link below.