Study: Android Users Look At Their Phone 65.8 Times A Day

Android users tap their power button to access lock screen information or turn on their devices as many as 65.8 times per day on average, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics' AppOptix subdivision. That works out to around once every eight minutes and approximately four hours of screen viewing time per day. There is a substantial amount of variation in both figures depending on the age group in question and other factors, but the analysts claim there's still plenty of additional time consumers could be using the technology. In fact, basing its estimation on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2017, AppOptix says that represents only around 44-percent of the average available nine hours of smartphone use time. The analytics firm utilized that figure in calculating its 'turn-on' rate but also says that leaves plenty of room for growth in app usage over the coming months and years.

Breaking down the figures further reveals that peak usage at 14 turn-ons is occurring between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. A lesser peak of 12.5 turn-ons on average happening between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm. Users are turning on their devices the least between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 am between 10:00 pm and midnight. That's not spread evenly between all demographics either. The 18-25 age group operates their device most frequently, around 74.7 times per day compared to those aged 46 and up at 47.3 times per day. They also turn their Android handsets on an average of every 7.2 minutes compared to the latter group's 11.4 minutes. The youngest group taking part in the study averages around 254 minutes of use per day while the 26-35 age bracket uses their phones around 249 minutes over the same period. Consumers in the 36-45 age group spend around 7 minutes less on their devices in a day and the oldest demographic averaged 225 minutes daily.

That trend appears to show a curve toward decreased usage and frequency of usage correlating with increases in age, across the board. The indication seems to be that users prefer applications and smartphone experiences that are available in short bursts. Presumably, that would favor those that load up quickly and don't require a lot of time to interact with. However, the numbers could simply highlight the degree to which individuals have become dependent on the technology.

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