Source: Samsung's Fortnite Android Exclusivity To Last Up To 120 Days

Fortnite 4

Following a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 exclusivity period, Fortnite on Android will remain a Samsung exclusive for another two to three months, according to a source familiar with Samsung’s plans who provided the details to AndroidHeadlines.

Previously, it had been reported that Fortnite would arrive on Android as a Galaxy Note 9 exclusive to coincide with the launch of the latest Galaxy Note phone. This period was understood to last thirty days following the release of the phone and game. The source has reconfirmed the thirty days for the Galaxy Note 9 will take place as described, but also specified the month-long exclusivity is just for the Galaxy Note 9, and not for Samsung in general. Instead, once the Note 9 exclusivity has come to an end, a second exclusivity period will kick in for Samsung which will see owners of select models from the Galaxy S series gaining access to the new game as well. This second period of exclusivity is understood to either be sixty or ninety days long – that is, on top of the thirty days for the Note 9. Which in total would mean that Fortnite’s arrival on Android is going to be locked in with Samsung for at least ninety days and possibly for as long as 120 days. At which point the mobile game will then presumably become available to Android device owners in general. If correct, this would mean Fortnite would not be expected to arrive for all Android users until late November or early December at the earliest.

As means to ensure this is a Samsung-only affair in the meantime, the source revealed the Game Launcher on compatible Samsung devices will be the primary route to accessing Fortnite. With Fortnite being the high-profile game that it is, the Game Launcher route will likely also force more Samsung device owners to use the app in question (and, presumably, its Game Tools) which in turn may help to up the profile of the game-focused services offered by Samsung. The previous report has also suggested that in addition to the early access to the Android game, Note 9 buyers will benefit from other in-game Fortnite bonuses. On that note, there was no mention of these additional perks being extended to other compatible Samsung devices during the second exclusivity period – raising the possibility that this may remain part of the Note 9-specific exclusivity. Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9, at which point any and all Fortnite details will likely be confirmed.