Soundcore Unveils Flare+ Speaker & Giving Away 300 Speakers

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Soundcore is launching a new speaker called Flare+, and along with it, a giveaway in which you can participate. The Soundcore Flare+ is the latest member of the Flare family, and you can check it out in an image provided above. Now, we’ll talk about the device in a minute, but it’s worth noting that Soundcore has decided to give away 30 Flare+ speakers, but that’s not all, Soundcore is also giving away 70 Flare speakers, 200 Mini 2 speakers, as well as 3,000+ discounts for its products. So, all in all, the company is giving away 300 speakers, along with 3,000+ discount codes.

This giveaway is open to those of you who live in the US, UK, and Germany, and the giveaway will last until September 13, while it has already started, and you can participate by navigating to the link that is provided below this article. Now, as far as the all-new Flare+ speaker is concerned, it has dual tweeters, and back-to-back full-range drivers, not to mention that the company included two passive radiators to deliver fuller 360-degree sound. By looking at the provided image, you will notice that the speaker sends sound in all directions, basically, and you’ll also notice some LEDs on the bottom of it. This is the largest and brightest LED setup thus far, when it comes to Flare speakers.

The company says that the Flare+ can offer 20 hours of playtime, while you can recharge this speaker by utilizing a USB port that is included on the device. This speaker comes with a rather interesting feature, which allows you to sync it with the original Flare speaker via wireless stereo pairing. Needless to say, if you do that, both speakers will play the same audio and basically create stereo surround sound for you. Follow the link / banner down below if you’d like to participate.


Soundcore's giveaway