Sony Adds Google Assistant Support To Its Smart Light

sony smart light

Sony’s smart light, which was actually announced back in 2016, now has Google Assistant support. However, this light is still only available in Japan, unfortunately. This smart light isn’t your typical smart light, however. This smart light has humidity, motion, luminance and temperature detectors, as well as an infrared controller, memory card slot, microphone and speaker. It can do all sorts of things, from acting as an intercom, to turning on when it detects motion – which can be very useful at night when you get up to use the bathroom in the dark. And now this smart light is going to be adding Google Assistant support.

This smart light from Sony already had Amazon Alexa support – which was added back in May. But beginning tomorrow, August 22, it will also have Google Assistant support. Now it’s worth noting that you will be able to control this light using your smartphone or Google Home. This does not have Google Assistant built-in like a Google Home or Android TV. So it won’t work like GE’s popular Alexa-enabled lamp. Which is still just fine, as you can still tell it to turn on and off when you like. You can also adjust the brightness, colors and so much more here, with Google Assistant.

While it is unfortunate that this is only available in Japan still, it’s not surprising. Typically with new products such as this smart light, Sony will debut them in its home country of Japan first, and then it may bring them to other markets. Or they may stay in Japan, which does happen from time to time as well. Since this smart light is already a couple of years old, Sony may be looking to create a newer one, and make that more mainstream than this one. The whole point behind launching something like this in Japan only is to gauge its customers response to it. Whether it’s something its customers actually want or not, and with all of the sensors in here, it was definitely worth it for Sony to keep it in Japan for a bit.