Select Galaxy Note 9 Units Suffering From Light Bleeding

Some owners of Samsung's newly released Galaxy Note 9 took to online forums to complain about the Super AMOLED displays of their Android flagships suffering from light leakage. The phenomenon that's also known as the light bleeding effect manifests in the form of anomalies that infuse extra unwarranted light into certain portions of an affected display, resulting in incorrectly lit scenes. Users complaining about the issue being present with their Galaxy Note 9 units claim the problem isn't particularly obvious, as illustrated by the photograph below.

While the nature of curved displays often sees Samsung-made Android flagships reflecting glares near the edges of their screens, the author of the said image claims the visual artifact can also be seen when the edge is partially covered and even occurs at extremely low screen brightness levels of around ten percentage points. Reports on the matter are still rare and the issue doesn't appear to be widespread. Similar claims have been made about some of Samsung's previous flagships, including the Galaxy Note 9's direct predecessor - the Galaxy Note 8. Last year, a significant batch of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus units was said to have been affected by a problem that made the phones' displays visibly reddish, which Samsung attributed to a screen calibration error, having issued a software fix for the phenomenon shortly afterward.

The South Korean manufacturer still hasn't commented on the new reports in a public capacity but one user who contacted the company about the problem said its technicians confirmed they're looking into their claim. The Galaxy Note 9 was officially released last Friday and no other quality-control concerns have been raised by early adopters to date. Samsung said it's expecting the high-end Android device to outsell the Galaxy Note 8, with the company also hoping to see the new handset revitalize its commercial performance in the premium segment of the market that took a hit after the Galaxy S9 lineup ended up selling worse than expected in the second quarter of the year.

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