Samsung Odyssey Plus Mixed Reality HMD Shows Up At The FCC


An apparent update to Samsung's Odyssey VR mixed reality headset has now shown up at the FCC bearing a label that reads "Samsung HMD Odyssey+" and some specs. However, this may be an update focused more on comfort and usability than internal components. For starters, the displays are still listed as being comprised of two 3.5-inch panels, each set at 1,440 x 1600 for a combined resolution of 2,880 x 1600. The refresh rate remains set at up to 90Hz with a total field of view of 110-degrees. Tracking is still based on sensors allowing for "6DOF" and both AKG premium earpieces and a dual array mic are part of the package. Those are actually the same specs found in the first Odyssey headset and the similarities don't end there. In fact, the entire device appears almost identical to its predecessor. Even the model number only features a single letter difference from the original device – XE800ZBA, compared to the previous model's XE800ZAA designation.

Of course, that isn't to say that there are no differences at all. The displays, for example, are listed as "AMOLED+SFS," indicating that there could be changes to the core screen technology in use. Meanwhile, the convenience features listed alongside the Samsung HMD Odyssey Plus now include a "Wider Eye box, Wider Part of Nose, and Anti-fog." Each of those is fairly conspicuous, with the first two hinting at changes made to the overall shape in those areas of the design in order to make it more comfortable to wear and easier on the eyes. "Anti-fog" seems to point to new measures taken in either the display technology or design to prevent the lenses from becoming obscured during use. Finally, the device is also listed as working with two platforms. Samsung Odyssey previously only worked on Microsoft's Windows platform but "SteamVR" joins that in the updated version.

Bearing all of that in mind, this update appears to be more of an aesthetic makeover geared toward making everything more comfortable than anything else. The specifications listed in the FCC filing could always prove incorrect and there are a couple of new points worth looking at. To begin with, the "SFS" noted in the display specifications doesn't seem to fit with anything either leaked about or marketed by Samsung for its products. SteamVR is another new addition which could make the headset much appealing across a wider audience since it seems to indicate that more VR experiences and games will be supported officially. For now, a lot of the documentation surround the FCC listing remain under confidentiality agreements so the news should be taken with a grain of salt.


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