Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features A Massive Heat Pipe

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 9 Heat Pipe Thermal Comparison Ice Universe August 10 Twitter

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 features massive heat dissipation improvements compared to last year’s Galaxy Note 8, with its heat pipes being approximately three times larger, as revealed by a recent breakdown of the newly announced device. The image that can be seen above largely confirms previous reports about Samsung committing more resources toward ensuring the Galaxy Note 9 runs cooler than the Galaxy S9-series devices whose heat sinks are more akin those found inside the Galaxy Note 8.

A more efficient cooling mechanism should not only allow the newly launched Android phablet to maintain its peak performance levels for longer but should also improve the longevity of its battery that will be exposed to less heat from the system-on-chip inside the handset. In practice, that should allow for better frame rates in games, a device that will take longer than average to start showing signs of battery degradation, and one that will be easier to be held in hand even under heavy strain as it will be less likely to suffer from thermal bottlenecks and hence be too hot for comfortable use. It’s still unclear whether the South Korean original equipment manufacturer truly ended up using carbon-fiber heat pipes for the Galaxy Note 9 but the specifics of its heat dissipation solution are likely to be revealed shortly once more in-depth teardowns of the device end up being posted online.

The Galaxy Note 9 debuted on Thursday as Samsung’s most powerful Android smartphone to date, with its base model featuring 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM. A Bluetooth-enabled S Pen is another major selling point of the handset, as are AKG-tuned dual stereo speakers and a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display panel with a QHD+ resolution and curved edges. Samsung‘s Galaxy Note 9 is presently available for pre-orders around the world and will be released globally on August 24, starting at approximately $999, depending on the market.