Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Leak Shows Five Color Variants

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core renders suspected from SamMobile Twitter
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Samsung’s as-yet-unannounced Galaxy J2 C0re budget handset may arrive in as many as five different colors, according to a newly leaked image published on Twitter by SamMobile. No source is attributed with the image but it is noted as showing the ‘Galaxy J2 Core / SM-J260x.’ Only the rear of the smartphones are visible and the colors include black, gold, a light and darker blue, and purple. Whether or not those colors extend around to the front bezels as with the Samsung Galaxy J2 or are only applied to what is expected to be the devices’ removable plastic backing isn’t immediately apparent. There does appear to be a black edge to each handset in the image but that could just be the render or the edge may be the only portion bearing different hues.

With that said, the images do appear to be genuine in that the Galaxy J2 Core is expected to be an even more wallet-friendly, Android Go version of the Samsung Galaxy J2. Not only does it look nearly identical in terms of rear camera placement and speaker slot. Even the Samsung logo has been placed almost exactly the same spot. The volume buttons would also be on the left-hand side – when facing the handset’s display – and appear to be placed in the same spot along that edge. Previously leaked documentation for the Galaxy J2 Core had shown a third button placed on the opposing side, which appeared to be a power button. However, that isn’t clearly shown in the newly leaked renders.

Recent documentation associated with a Samsung device model ‘SM-J260F/DS’ also suggests that it will feature a plastic removable backplate. That will be similar to phone designs from several years back, and provide easy access to a removable battery and a dual-SIM configuration. One of those SIM ports would also be able to house a micro SD card instead for expanded storage. Initially, internal storage would be set at 16GB, if speculation holds true, and be backed up by 1GB of RAM compared to the 2GB found in this year’s Galaxy J2. If it follows that latter device in terms of expandable storage, micro SD expansion for the 5-inch Galaxy J2 Core will be possible up to 256GB. Meanwhile, the smartphone is also predicted to arrive with a Super AMOLED display, in addition to featuring an Exynos 7570 chipset. That would be comprised of four cores clocked up to 1.4GHz. Samsung is expected to reveal or go straight to launch with its Galaxy J2 Core sometime later this year along with several other handsets.