Samsung Expects The Galaxy Note 9 To Outsell Its Predecessor

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 AM AH 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to outsell its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 8. These predictions are coming from the company’s President, Koh Dong-jin (also known as DJ Koh), according to The Investor. Now, this may sound a bit odd considering that the company’s Q2 operating profit for the IT and mobile business is down 34-percent compared to a year earlier, and industry watchers attributed that to not-so-great sales of the Galaxy S9, but it seems like they’re expecting the Galaxy Note 9 to do better than the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Mobile President, Koh Dong-jin, on the other hand, said that the Galaxy S9 even outpaced the Galaxy S8 in some regions, so it doesn’t seem like he thinks that the Galaxy S9 is the real reason the company’s operating profit for that specific sector was that much lower than last year’s. Koh Dong-jin also added that the Galaxy S9 still has plenty of room to catch up to the Galaxy S8 as it went on sale in March this year. Koh Dong-jin agrees with industry watchers, it seems, as he’s expecting the Galaxy Note 9 to outsell the Galaxy Note 9, as the device is basically an improved version of the Galaxy Note 8, and as one of its main selling points, he sees the phone’s new and improved stylus. The Galaxy Note 9’s stylus does support Bluetooth connectivity, unlike the Galaxy Note 8’s, so you can use it as a remote shutter, as a presentation tool, or to launch some apps on the Galaxy Note 9 wirelessly. Samsung will open API’s for it in the near future, so developers will be able to create new and interesting ways to utilize that stylus.

Koh Dong-jin also confirmed that the company will continue releasing mid-range smartphones, as the competition is fierce, and that will not change anytime soon. The Galaxy Note 9 actually resembles its predecessor in terms of the design, quite a bit, and in case you’re interested in getting more info on the device, click here.