PUBG Mobile Gets Mission Impossible: Fallout Crossover


Tencent's mobile port of the hugely popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting a crossover with Mission Impossible: Fallout. The event brings a smattering of new content to the game that's meant to pay homage to the new movie, and of course to the long-standing Mission Impossible franchise as a whole. There are in-game elements, and a special theme option that dresses up the game's backbone pieces, such as menus, to reflect the style of the new movie. The new content is available right now, and an end date for the collaboration event has not been announced just yet.

In-game content from the crossover comes in four main forms. First off, the music in the game has been entirely changed, replaced with songs from and inspired by the Mission Impossible franchise. Players will also find a number of customizable parachute options that reflect the new pairing. Character clothes, items and accessories are also on board, giving players the option to dress and fight in the same manner and with the same gear as characters in the movie series. Finally, there are now a range of themed challenges that bring the action of the movies into the game. These challenges can be found in Team Rush, Survival and First-Person Mode.

PUBG and its mobile counterpart have been picking up steam in recent months as wide availability balloons the game's player count. The PC and console version of PUBG costs $29.99, but the nearly equivalent mobile version is totally free, putting the game in easy reach for almost anybody who's interested in playing it at this point. The mobile version launched just a few short months ago, and has already racked up a player count well into the millions, thanks to its massive popularity and how easy it is to just pick up the game and play it without any commitment. The launch of PUBG Mobile is yet another facet of an era in which high-end, and in some cases esports ready, gaming experiences are being brought before a mobile audience, freeing hardcore gamers from the confines of their computer chairs and couches and allowing them to play well-made, serious games anywhere and anytime they please.


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