Pelican Introduces Its Lineup Of Galaxy Note 9 Cases

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The Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone, and Pelican has just announced its lineup of cases for the Galaxy Note 9. Pelican is one of many accessory manufacturers to have announced cases for the Galaxy Note 9 since the phone launched last week, and this US-based company has decided to show off three cases for the Galaxy Note 9, Pelican Adventurer, Protector, and Voyager cases.

The company says that its case lineup for the Galaxy Note 9 is “built to resist the drops, shocks, dust, and stress of daily life”, which actually suggests that these are heavy-duty cases, more or less. The Pelican Adventurer case protects from yellowing, discoloration, and most scratches, says the company, while its Force Impact technology deflects impacts. This case has been drop-tested, with the phone on the inside, of course, and it comes in a number of color options, Clear / Black, Clear, Blue / Dark Gray, Rose Gold, and Metallic Silver / Silver. This case is priced at $39.99, and you can now pre-order it, as it will ship your way on August 20. The Pelican Protector case actually comes in two variants, at least it’s listed in two variants on the company’s website, so you’ll find the Protector and Protector+ variants of this case. The company says that this case comes with a slim design, and that it makes the phone easy to hold. This case has an impact-resistant outer shell, and it has been drop-tested. The difference between the Protector and Protector+ cases is the fact that the latter one comes with an AMS vent mount. Both of those cases are available in a single color variant, the Protector comes in a Black / Gray combination, while the Black-colored Protector+ case is available. The Protector case is priced at $39.99, while the Protector’ costs $49.99, and both of these cases will become available on August 20, while you can already pre-order them.

The last case that Pelican introduced is the Voyager case. This Galaxy Note 9 case comes with four-layer protection against cracks, breaks, and other damage, says Pelican. The case also includes an easy-to-use holster, swiveling belt clip, and kickstand. This case, much like others from Pelican, has been drop-tested. The Voyager case comes in Black and Clear / Gray color options, and it is priced at $59.99, while it will ship on August 20. You can purchase all of these cases from the company’s official website (link included down below), while images of the cases have been included down below.


Pelican's Galaxy Note 9 cases

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