MoviePass Changes The Rules Again: Now Only 3 Movies Per Month


MoviePass has today announced changes to its pricing and usage structure which effectively sees the service undoing changes it announced one week ago. MoviePass states this revising of its previous revision is due to the service listening to feedback from its user community and responding accordingly.

First off, the biggest change announced today is a significant reduction in the frequency of movies a MoviePass subscriber can see, as members will now only be permitted to see three movies in a given month. To put this into perspective, MoviePass subscribers are currently able to see a movie every day as part of the monthly cost. This change will see that drop to less than one movie a week. In addition to acting as a savings measure for the company, MoviePass states this movie limitation will also help to stop abuse of the service. Although the number of movies a member can see has massively decreased, MoviePass has confirmed it no longer plans to raise the price of its subscription. Previously, the service had stated it would up the monthly price to $14.95, Instead, the monthly plan cost will now stay at $9.95. In summary, MoviePass now offers the option to see three movies a month for $9.95.

Users who want to see more than the new quota in a given bill cycle, will still be able to capitalize on some savings as MoviePass will discount additional ticket purchases by $5 per ticket. Another change undone is the restriction on new movies and/or the addition of a premium (Peak Pricing) cost added to select movies, at select times. As a result, in spite of the three-movie limit, users will be able to now see (mostly) any movie they want and without having to pay anything more. MoviePass states these changes will come into effect on August 15 and will be reflected when a subscriber renews their membership after this date. Annual members will not see their service changed until they also renew on an annual basis. MoviePass states these changes are designed to accommodate the majority of its customer base, suggesting only 15-percent of members will be significantly affected.

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