Motorola Releases 64GB Moto X4, Discounts It For Limited Time

Moto X4 Review AM AH 0041

Motorola has decided to release a new version of the Moto X4, but unfortunately, the only difference here is the 64GB of storage. The Moto X4 that debuted last year sported 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, so it’s good to see Motorola releasing a newer model with double the storage, it would have been nice to see the RAM and processor also get a bump up this year. Motorola is also selling the Moto X4 64GB model at a discounted price, but for a limited time. It is currently $359, and that’s down from the regular price of $419.

The Moto X4 is still a pretty good smartphone to pick up, even in 2018. And the 64GB model is available as an Android One device, for those that want stock Android and those quick upgrades. Though, since this is running a Snapdragon 600-series chipset instead of a Snapdragon 800-series, it won’t be as quick as some other smartphones. It does also sport a 5.2-inch full HD display, with a 3000mAh capacity battery that is going to stay charged all day long and then some. It’s a really solid smartphone, despite it having just 3GB of RAM. It will still be plenty of RAM for most users, as long as you aren’t planning on doing any extensive gaming here.

You can pick up the Moto X4 from Motorola using the link below. It is not yet available from Amazon in that capacity, but that will likely change in the near future. It is still available in Super Black or Sterling Blue. Now you do only have the option of getting this with a Project Fi SIM card. However, that SIM card is free, and you don’t have to activate it. Additionally, the Moto X4 is also unlocked and will work on all four US carriers.

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