Mophie Unveils Galaxy Note 9 Juice Pack, Available This Fall

Galaxy Note 9 Mophie juice pack 1

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was introduced yesterday with a 4,000mAh non-removable battery, and that’s not exactly a small battery pack, but the Galaxy Note 9 has a large display, and just in case you need more juice, Mophie has just announced a juice pack for Samsung’s new flagship handset. Mophie has introduced a juice pack which packs in a 2,525mAh battery on the inside, and despite that, it manages to remain rather thin.

Mophie says that the Galaxy Note 9 juice pack provides ‘high-impact protection with internal rubberized support pads’, so you should not worry about dropping the Galaxy Note 9, as long as you don’t drop it from too far up. Interestingly enough, this juice pack is also Qi-compatible, it’s actually optimized for fast wireless charging with all Qi wireless charging systems, says the company. Mophie’s Galaxy Note 9 juice pack utilizes Charge Vault Technology, which enables the company’s battery pack to hold its charge for an extended period of time, claims Mophie. This extended battery does include a Type-C USB port, and it will not stay in the way if you want to use a cable to charge the Galaxy Note 9, or if you want to use the phone’s 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Mophie Galaxy Note 9 juice pack also comes with Priority+ charging, the phone will charge first, and then the juice pack charges. On top of everything, you’ll also get a standby / status button on Mophie’s juice pack, which will allow you to turn the battery on or off, or press to display battery levels and charge status. This accessory is still not available for the Galaxy Note 9, though, it will become available this fall over at Mophie’s official website, and via a number of retailers worldwide. In case you’re interested in getting it, you should know that it will cost $99.95 once it crops. Mophie did release one image of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 juice pack, though, and it’s included above this article.